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    Fan Speed - Watercooling

    Just installed a Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate. I have the 3 fans plugged in with the supplied 3>1 cable into the CPU_OPT port and the pump plugged into the CPU fan port. For some reason the RPM does not register properly in AI Suite 3. CPU fan registers as 1875 RPM and CPU_OPT registers as 1012 RPM. I cannot adjust fan curves at all. If I select Full Speed I can hear the fans ramp up but the rpm listed does not change at all. Any thoughts?

    Update: I have the fan RPM registering properly as I am no longer using the B fan control ports. However I do have a new problem. The 3 fans I have plugged into the cpu fan port do not adjust to my profile on boot. I have them set for 600 rpm, on boot they run at 1000. The only way to get them to fit my profile is if I switch to full power then reload my custom profile. What would be the best fix for this? Thanks for the responses!
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    CPU_OPT is controlled by the settings of CPU_FAN.

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    Switch them around. Put the fans on the CPU_FAN header and the pump on the CPU_OPT header or CHA_FAN header.

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    whoa, you want your pump variable? Be careful. Usually use an adapter to hook the pump into always on power, use the fan ports for variable airflow.
    If you want the pump variable, use a separate port other than cpu or cpu_opt.
    I use an adapter to give constant power to my pump, and a lead for rpm to an available port to monitor rpm.

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    multi fans on 1 port will never give you the right rpm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kkn View Post
    multi fans on 1 port will never give you the right rpm.
    I agree with this and with frickinoob - don't need to control your pump, just connect it directly to power - just the fans if you want

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    I use an AIO too, though not your model. I agree with others here, never let the pump RPM be variable. However, on a lot of AIOs, they aren't variable. The pump "plug" is often a 3 pin plug for RPM monitoring only, not RPM control. I don't even bother to plug in my 3 pin for the pump, as I don't care to monitor what RPM its running at (it runs max RPM 24/7)
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    I use PWM fans and pumps, a 3 into 1 should not feed the tach signal to the other fans to allow one to be monitored, if it feeds a tach signal to the other 2 then those wires need removing. as for pumps, they need to be PWM as well to take full advantage of the fan headers. Asus do not allow good control over DC voltage, infact shockingly poor as it starts at 60% for some reason.

    I run 3 pwm fans off the cpu header and the pump off the cpu_opt with no issues at all due to them being pwm.

    I run the same off the GTX980 Strix using a 5 pin to 2x pwm cable as well.

    not monitoring a pump RPM signal is silly imo as a failure should be easily spotted.

    Also not all of us want a pump running flat out, my PC is virtually silent at idle, the pump running flat out is quite loud in a quiet room.

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    Bump, see original post.

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