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    sabbertooth z77 Mother board Won't run at 4.6gig anymore

    please help my system keeps freezing up,sometimes the sound card is not recognised.Everything was fine for 2 years
    then this started to happen.Now i cant go over 4.4ghz and my memory wont run at 2133.
    It seems to run at 2000 when i set timings to 10 9 10 24 corsair vengence red 2133 spec:11 11 11 30 2t
    Not sure if its the board or the memory controller on the I7 3770k
    doesn't seem to matter what i am running gaming or browsing,installing a game.
    I sent the board to Asus they claimed they fixed it.They want me to do a cross shipment.
    sorry if this post is in the wrong area,any input would be great.
    thank you in advance
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