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    cant see bios after new gpu install

    Black screen where bios screen should be then loads windows. I just installed msi gtx 980...mother board is formula vii. cpu 4790k
    If I reset and hit f2 I just get a black screen. Im guessing bios is there I just cant see them.
    If I pull gpu and use onboard graphics I can see bios. I tried setting bios to pci for primary display but it defaults back to auto.

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    Make sure all you VGA power connectors are fully seated.

    It's possible you have a DOA card unfortunately ..... I chased this with my R9 290's and a Pair of 980 KPE's.

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    Thanks for your reply!

    I resolved this issue,,I had hdmi connected to my avr rec. then to my tv..
    In the nvidia control center it said I had a repeater installed.
    So bottom line it was a htcp issue so it wouldnt output bios.
    Connected hdmi directly into tv then optical cable to avr for sound.
    Htcp is a really silly and worthless anti-piracy tech that causes me many issues at work so I really should have known this sooner!

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