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    Need some keys about installin fresh Windows 8.1 on purchased SSD and other questions

    I'm got tired of slow HDD.
    My G551JM laptop is wonderful for gaming, but slow disk is the bottleneck.
    I have to reduce I\O operations before gaming, but Windows8.1 sometimes becomes making a lot of I\O operations
    for unknown reasons.
    Tomorrow I'm going to take Intel SSD 730 (480GB, SATA 3) which has 7mm width. Hope it will be okay to be inserted.

    Things I want to know:
    1) Is it easy to replace stock HDD with new SSD? 7mm or 2.5" is a standard size, yes?
    2) Will I have to format new SSD as NTFS disk before installing Win8.1?
    3) Will I need to make certain changes in BIOS settings in order to access SSD on bootloading? I\m confusing about AHCI setup,
    why I need it (or not)?

    I'm going to install a fresh Windows because I don't want to clone errors from HDD.
    4) Will I need to prepare partions (for example, to prepare recovery partition) myself or Windows8.1
    installer is smart enough for simple installing with default features?
    5) Will BIOS insert Serial License to new system on SSD automatically?

    Also, I think about replacing DVD-ROM with stock HDD, will it be easy or not?

    I'm asking these questions for saving future time, also I'm not professional on that things.
    Thank in advance for help.
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