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    New ROGer Array IBMer PC Specs
    IBMer PC Specs
    MotherboardAsus ROG Impact VI
    ProcessorIntel Core i5 4670K@4200MHz
    Memory (part number)2x8GB G.Skill Trident X DDR-2400
    Graphics Card #1EVGA GTX 770 SC modded with NZXT Kraken G10 + Corsair Hydro H55
    MonitorLG 29EA93
    Storage #1Crucial M500 M.2 500GB
    Storage #2WD Blue 1TB 3.5"
    CPU CoolerAntec Kühler 620
    CaseModded Vintage IBM PS/1 2121
    Power SupplySilverstone SX600-G (SFX)
    Keyboard Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro
    Mouse Corsair Vengeance M65

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    Jun 2015

    Vintage Mod - IBM PS/1 2125-ROG - 6th June 2015

    Hi everyone.

    I have had a few attempts at making my own cases in acrylic for some time but there was nothing worth sharing. Lately however I got the idea of modding one of the dinosaurs buried in my basement, as I was thinking about building a more compact case than the Lian-Li PC 27 I used.

    It is still done with (very) limited skills, tools, budget and time, mostly using spare parts and materials.

    Above all it is a tribute to my first ever PC, an IBM PS/1 model 2011, first model of the PS/1 series, which was launched exactly 25 years ago in June 1990.

    So let me introduce to you the project:

    IBM PS/1 2125-RoG

    The host case:

    27cm (length) x 35cm (depth) x11cm (height), I don’t have the monitor.

    I did not use my original PS/1 Model 2011 (a 286@10MHz, with 1MB RAM and 30MB HDD) as it is in working condition and at the time it felt really too small. I thus used an IBM PS/1 Model 2121 of 1992, originally a 386sx16, which is basically as big as two 2011 stacked. Since then I found a second spare 2011 case and started thinking about a new project.

    The nice thing about early PS/1 cases is the way they slide open: front/top/sides upper cover slides on the bottom/back plate, leaving all the internals easily accessible. There are no screws, just a single button on top, locking the upper cover in place.


    Give a more modern look to the case while…

    … Preserving the original shape a maximum, especially the way it slides open
    … Fitting-in the following gears:
    • Intel i5 4670k cooled with a Antec Kühler 620
    • Asus ROG Impact VI with 2x8GB of G.Skill DDR3-2400 Trident X
    • EVGA Geforce GTX 770 SC 2GB cooled with a Corsair H55 mounted with a Kraken G10
    • Crucial MX500 M.2 500GB SSD & WD Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5’’ HDD

    … Getting decent cooling by keeping the two closed-circuit loops.
    … Avoiding the use of a PCI-E riser (no space for a rigid one and I never managed to get a decent flexible one)… this meant adding a minimum of 2cm to the original height…

    A glance at the final result:

    Step 1 : the bottom plate/motherboard tray and the back-plate

    I had a first try at making a whole new bottom plate in acrylic, but the end result was bulky and the sliding/locking was not as good as the original.

    I thus chose a lighter design, cutting the bottom plate just where it was needed to fit the mother-board and graphic card, and getting the additional 2cm required by using a spare 4mm acrylic sheet and 2cm L-shaped aluminium rails.

    The original bottom plate, cut:

    Work done on the new motherboard tray:

    This design improved the cooling system I thought about (by providing more clearance under the case): stacking the two radiators and two Be Quiet 120mm fans, with air taken from underneath the case, exhausted on top.

    On the left side rail I drilled a holes to fit USB and audio ports taken from a Bitfenix case and also a rectangular hole to exhaust a bit of the GPU's RAM/VRM warm air. In addition I cut a round hole on the tiny front rail to host on/off button from a Lian-li case.

    I used the same spare acrylic for the back-plate, painted in the same flashy red as the MB tray for the inside and covered with a fake carbon fibre sticker for the outside.

    Work done on the backplate:

    The final look of the bottom/back plate:

    Step 2: work on the cover

    A simple paint job on the front plate:

    Some trials and errors on the upper part of the case, gladly invisible now.
    Initially I had thought to cut a hole for a 120mm fan grill, but the end result was quite uggly.

    I then found 16.5cm speaker cover from a VW Gold 4, which used as a fan grill would have the advantage to hide my deplorable lack of skill at drilling/cutting.

    Work on the case was completed but I was still a bit worried about how everything would fit in there.

    Step 3: Fitting everything in.

    Cable management was as expected a real issue

    Here is a look at the inside, with all parts and wires in, except for the SFX PSU which comes above the CPU.

    Here is a side view when closed, with a little ROG touch.

    A view at the not too great back plate

    And finally a look at the working PC.

    The background pic is the original welcome screen of the PS/1, a simple shell for PC-DOS 4.01. I also installed another classic piece of IBM memorabilia for the picture: an IBM RT3200 including a trackpoint, ThinkPad style.

    The whole thing has a Thinkpad/Intellistation feel actually.

    What’s next?
    • I realized I forgot to put a HDD LED, I will install it on the A: LED space on the front.
    • I may make a better back plate.
    • Think about a custom water cooling.
    • I have the project of putting the same gears in the original PS/1 2011 case (half the heigth of this one) with a custom WC with pump/tank/rad in a small tower outside.

    List of the gears used in this built:
    • Intel i5 4670k@4200Mhz, cooled by an Antec Kühler 620
    • Asus ROG Impact VI motherboard
    • 2x8GB DDR3-2400 G-Skill Trident X
    • EVGA Geforce GTX 770 SC 2GB cooled with a Corsair H55 mounted with a Kraken G10, mildly overclocked to 1161/1213MHz for GPU and 1788MHz for memory.
    • SilverStone SX600-G SFX 600W PSU
    • Crucial MX500 M.2 500GB SSD & WD Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5’’ HDD
    • Lian-Li PT-SK03B kit for the power button
    • 2x be quiet! Shadow Wings PWM 120 mm Fans
    • 1x Noctua NF-A6X25 FLX fan for the front air intake (through the floppy drive hole). I am thankful to Noctua for coming with this rather unusual form factor
    • BitFenix USB 3.0 Upgrade Kit for Outlaw and Shinobi for USD 3/USB2/Audio front ports
    • A 120mm Silverstone magnetic fan filter, stuck underneath the case.
    • A blue led to replace the original orange one.

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