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    Hardware problem I guess

    Here is a video of how it happened.
    Not sure what my problem is.
    My laptop is a 2 months old asus G73jh.
    Sometime when I put pressure on my laptop, my computer goes blue screen or crash.
    Sometime it would even go blue screen of death.
    I send my laptop to bestbuy geek squad but then they said all the hardware tests passed and it software problem (such as virus).
    You can see how the text is blinking an how it stop after I press my laptop.
    The crash/bluescreen only happens on random time.
    The crashs could be happening because of the heat but not enough to over heat the computer.
    Here the blue screen that I get :

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    bob your link does not work

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    so you only get these issues when you put pressure on the notebook? primarily the palmrest? if youre getting BSOD randomly, it could be bad memory.

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    Is it possible to have a bad memory in a new purchase laptop?
    If so, is there anyway to test it out?

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    Yes. It is possible.
    It can be bad memory. It can be memory badly installed.
    There are many programs out there, including one in Windows 7.

    Start here, but there are plenty of alternatives.

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    I just ran a test on my memory and it didn't have any error message poped up.

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    when did you get this notebook? can you just return it to the store and swap it for another one? it could just be a defective unit.

    you can also try mem test,

    but ive ran into situations where even memtest passes and it was still a result of the memory being the issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian@ASUS View Post
    so you only get these issues when you put pressure on the notebook? primarily the palmrest? if youre getting BSOD randomly, it could be bad memory.
    Ya, sorry for not answering the question. I totally forgot about it.
    Yes. i get these issues when I put pressure on my notebook / laptop, which cause all the crushes and stuff.

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    Sounds like a defect to me. Can you take it to the vendor (bestbuy?) and show them that resting your hands causes a crash?

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