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    I did bring it to bestbuy. But I didn't show them how it crash when rest I res my plam on it. It start at random time, I just can't control it. For now, its fine when I put some pressure. but I know its going to happen again.

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    Since the problem is still not solved, should I just contact the ASUS for an repair?
    Its 3 month old now so I think there is still a factory warranty right?

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    Freezeex yes you have Factory warranty.

    see for contact details on getting your RMA processed, you may have to go through the tech support routine before they hand you a RMA number but no big problems there since it sounds like the pressure is revealing a hardware defect with your motherboard... be it a short circuit from something pressing on it or components losing contact due to a solder joint I couldn't tell ya off hand.

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    I just realize that the heat is also a part of a matter.
    but, thx I will fill up the RMA form and see how it goes

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