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    G750JS, Games Crashing during start up loading screen

    Hey, Apologies if i have not posted this in the correct place.

    I have purchased an ASUS G750JS laptop about a week and a half ago.
    Bought it from Those guys, the exact specs are on there if that helps.

    I have been having numerous issues with the laptop since the moment i turned it on. I have searched high and low for a solution
    to the numerous issues and have failed to find a solution. When installing updates the pc frequently would fail to install and
    configure them on the restart and would then spend a significant amount of time undoing the changes that had occurred.
    The second issue is when trying to play games. A very limited subset of games actually function on the laptop.
    Only the most basic of games will start. The rest of the games will crash when in the start up loading screen.
    The crashes don't cause any visible errors, the games just quit and do absolutely nothing. Since this is a Laptop
    that was designed for gaming I'm sure you can appreciate the frustration this is causing.

    Have you got any idea what could be causing the issues that i have been having?
    The main issue for now is the one that occurs when trying to play any game.
    The updates did eventually succeed in their installation.

    When scrawling through he net i found a few potential issues that cropped up a fair amount.

    - One Possibility was that the Graphics card is damaged. I would be reluctant to assume this would be true
    if not for some minor damage that was taken to the package when it was being delivered. There didn't appear
    to be any major trauma. only the Bag that surrounded the box was torn. Initially i thought nothing of it,
    however now i am a bit more suspicious of the amount of care the courier took when delivering it.

    - The second Possibility is that the NVIDIA OPTIMUS is just terrible. This seemed to crop up a lot when i was trying
    to find a solution. However the issues that were described for this problem were slightly different to my own.

    - The third possibility is faulty/corrupted Drivers. Just Drivers that have been installed incorrectly or drivers that have
    had errors occur during installation.

    besides those i am at a complete lost as to what to do or what it could be. If it is one of those potential causes i am also at a complete
    lost as to how i should go about remedying them. I would really like to keep Re-Installing Windows as a last resort.

    I would greatly appreciate any help or advice on the issue.



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    notebook section.

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