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    Angry G550JK overheating and Random BSOD issues that just started recently

    Got my g550jk like 5-6 months ago. Around 3 months ago, it started overheating (I could barely touch some areas, but HWmonitor showes usually 68ish, sometimes gets to 80ish though). Around a week ago, Random BSOD's started(couple times a day), and laptop seems burning after half an hour of not the most intense use (less performance suckin games like dota2, or software like Photoshop/Visual studio). Anyone has any suggestions?

    The thing is that for first two-three months of use, my laptop NEVER overheated - it always was so cool around it, and when turned on additional fanspeed at gputweak, you could feel how cold it was.

    Using default windows 8.1/with all default drivers, only updated Nvidia one.

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