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    Need help to boot up os with my ssd

    Im really new to this so sorry if i didnt give me much detail but please do help me, so heres my story.
    Im using the notebook Asus rog g551jm the one with gtx geforce 860m with 4gb, it also has 16gb ram and 1 tb hdd. So here i wanted to do, i wanted my windows 8.1 to boot in my ssd so i bought a 120gb ssd called galax gamer. Since my laptop has only 1 drive slot i took off my optical drive and used a caddy with the ssd in it. At first i went to tutorials on how to migrate os from hdd to sdd so i did that with the use of EASEUS Todo Backup by cloning the file, the ssd is also now healthy because i have changed it in the computer manager. so i know now that my ssd is now working because i even put a game inside and it was surprisingly fast, so i decided to put my os in the ssd. Here is the thing when i went to my bios i can see from sata menu that it can be read and it is in ahci but when i go in my booting menu there is only 1 boot prioritize which is my hdd where my windows 8.1 is still in it. Ive read that to have more booting list i have to disable my security and enable csm and legacy, so i have done that and i can now see 2 booting priority which is the hdd and the other one is realtek which is obviouly not my ssd. nothing works and i still cant boot windows 8.1 in my ssd, so i have tried to swap my hdd and ssd slot so the hdd now is in where the optical drive is and ssd is in the main slot. I also reformat my ssd and cloned it again but i still cant see my ssd from the booting list. I have tried another solution by making windows 8.1 ahci by going to cmd and type a code which still did not work.

    can anyone help me please i am running out of ideas and this thing already took me 2 days going to different tutorials which i dont know if it already messed up my laptop( i hope not)

    again thank you

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    A long as you hard drive is still booting and working your ok.
    I don't know the cloning software you are using however I do know that Macrium Reflect Free edition does work.
    I would boot up the hard drive with the SSD installed
    The go to Diskpart
    in search box type CMD this brings up CMD.exe right click and open as administrator
    type in Diskpart
    type in list disk
    select your SSD
    convert GPT

    now boot from Macrium Reflect bootable usb or dvd. When you hit the start button hit the Esc key that will bring up a boot menu select your MR bootable media.
    Clone your hard drive to your ssd.
    shut down
    remove your hard drive, put your SSD in to your hard drive slot
    hit the Esc key again on start up select your SSD.
    Reboot again insure your SSD is 1st in the boot line up.
    its best to put your hard drive in an external case or USB Adapter that way you can while in window change your hard drive to non active rename windows to windows.old if you have your data off or backed up just format the disk
    then put it in your DVD bay and you should be good to go.
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