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    Goggle Eye PC Specs
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    Memory (part number)F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZH
    Graphics Card #1GTX 780 S.C.
    Graphics Card #2GTX 780 S.C.
    Sound CardOn Board
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    Storage #12 x Samsung Pro 2TBs Each
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    Have been thinking about this post and I do not think I was fair because I did not have all of the proper information before making the post.

    Been doing some further research concerning warranty and consumer protection rights in Asia Thailand. Again I apologize for any miss conceptions I did not have all of my fact togather. In my location Asia Thailand this is the consumer protection Law. Covers any Mother board MFG not just Asus but XYZ, does not matter who made the mother board.

    1. In Thailand when you purchase a Mother board in order to have a warranty it must be purchased thru a retailer that purchased the mother board thru a company called Synnex is a importer_X porter world wide based out of California USA.
    2. When you purchase a mother board you have seven days to return the mother board to the Retailer. The mother board has a 100 percent warranty. It does not matter the reason for the return. Bad board or physical damage. If you want a refund or exchange.
    3. If a mother board after 7 days has physical damage. The warranty is void. Reason being there is to many end users damaging hardware and blaming the MFG company for the physical damage. That makes since.
    4. If the mother board does not have any physical damage the warranty (MFG does not matter) Has a three year warranty.

    With that again I apologize. Did not mean to miss lead any one. Do I feel like the R4BE is the best LGA 2011 M/Board ever made. Yes I do. After having a understanding concerning consumer laws in Asia Thailand and the warranty explained to me. I ordered a new R4BE M/Board.

    Thank You

    CaseLabs Magnum 8
    Asus Rampage 4 Black Edition
    I7 4930K 4.5GHz
    Noctua NH D14
    G-Skill Z Series 2133 MHz 16 Gb
    2x GTX 780 S.C.
    PSU Corsair AX 1500 I
    2 x Samsung 850 Pro 2 Tbs Each
    2 x Intel 730 Series 480 GBs Each
    Sound On Board

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