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    Question Asus X99 Deluxe RAM Slot B1 Broken ?

    I got a brand new Asus X99 Deluxe, along with a i7 5960x and 64gb of Mushkin Blackline ram (this one ). The speed says 2800, but i think thats only with XMP activated, without it its 2133.
    Even though this brand is not listed as supported, works fine except for this:

    The problem is, when i installed all the RAM, only 48 GB were detected, then i realized that CPU Z and Aida were able to see 56 GBs of RAM. Then i realized that the problem was with the slot B1. The slot B2 seems like its working, but since the B1 is not, the other slot can't be used.
    I tried disabling XMP, setting the DRAM voltage to 1.3 isntead of 1.2, putting other rams on that slot, but nothing worked.
    Also, i found this thread**t , where the user SkiMountaineer states that he's having an issue with this sam RAM slot (on another Asus X99 motherboard but still).

    Here's a screencap of the info that AIDA64 shows.
    This is with the ram on Slot B1 installed. Noticed how it doesnt show up .

    Would you reccommend setting the DRAM Voltage value for Channels A-B further than 1.3v? I don't want to burn anything : v.
    Any input is appreciated.
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