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    Quote Originally Posted by Glasofruix View Post
    Don't want to be rude, but did you even try to install the effin' driver from the product page? It INCLUDES the software you want (almost ALL hardware drivers have some piece of software attached to them nowadays) it does not exist as a separate installer, not even on the CD. The latest driver has a different UI though, so you might want the WHQL version.

    When I said, "Not in an attempt to be rude" I was trying to protect readers feelings and perception of my tone in the event my text was misconstrued or misinterpreted, I was being sincere.

    When you say, "Don't want to be rude" and your proceeding words deliberatly contradict your preceeding disclaimer you only force readers to deduce that you are being sarcastic and intentionally crass. Especially when you follow it up with:

    "did you even try to install the effin' driver from the product page?"

    Because of your lack of tact in your presentation, I have no choice but to perceive this line of questioning as rude and condescending, as if you are arbitrarily assuming that I don’t know what I am doing, asking for or have not gone through the proper due diligence prior to posting here. On top of which, I can only deduce that in some convoluted way you think that using the euphemism "effin" is professional, helpful and appropriate for public forum use towards a new member.

    Well it’s not, no adult is going to think the tone in your response or the verbiage you used is professional or appropriate.
    I think it’s borderline comical that you take the time to phonetically spell out the “F” word as if it’s above your station to say such a thing. But you can’t resist because for some reason my post has frustrated or irritated you and you want me to know about it.

    Spelling the F word differently doesn't make it better and it definitely doesn’t send a different message to the person your directing towards.

    I have thought it through a few times and I can’t figure out why you feel that you can speak to people the way you spoke to me, moot point, but if I was a forum moderator I would certainly warn you privately in a PM. I am going to ask that you do not respond to my current or future post if you cannot speak respectfully and professionally. Unless you’re a child, I expect more from an adult in a forum that is designed to bring Asus users together, to trouble shoot issue, expand on ideas and to seek guidance and advice.

    I respect those around me and expect it in return. I am a new forum member looking for help not to be talked down to and cursed at as if I was some incapable irritating child.

    I just wanted a disc put in ISO format and uploaded to a file sharing service. I already have what Asus offers on the website I just like the original GUI better, I probably should have articulated this more concisely and for that I apologize. If this is acceptable and someone has the CD and would be willing to package it in digital format and upload it, I would be very gracious.

    Thank you in advance and I apologize for the rant, I was just really taken off gaurd with this response.
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