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    G750JH - CPU fan very noisy + laptop cannot start for a while after being shutdown

    I have had increasing troubles with my G750JH, to the point that I simply can't use it anymore. I've gone through 13 pages after a research, I don't think I've seen the exact same trouble, so here it is.
    I think it actually has 2 different problems that may or may not be related.

    1) I think this is the first one that appeared (although I can't be sure, as I will explain later in this post): the CPU fan started doing a lot of noise for seemingly no reason. I am not entirely sure wether it is a "regular noise" (the fans just spinning real fast) or a weird noise (for example the fans hitting on something, on being slightly out of their rotation axis).
    I then installed a software to monitor CPU temperature: the fan would make a lot of noise at temperatures so low as 50°C. It would also make A LOT of noise starting up, so presumably the CPU couldn't possibly already be hot?
    A few times, the computer would also shut itself down when the CPU's temperature went over 70°C (not 100% sure it was the cause, but it seemed to be)
    I figured it was simply very dirty, since i hadn't cleaned it in a year (i know, I know, I'm sorry..). So i opened it up (which I had never done before), and tried to clean the fan as best I could, since it was indeed dirty.
    Unfortunately, it didn't solve the issue: the fan kept making a lot of noise even when there was activity (litteraly, even when I was on the desktop doing nothing)
    Using it then, I had to be careful not to use several softwares at the same time, in order to keep the CPU temperature low enough so that the laptop wouldn't shut down.. :/

    In the meantime, another problem appeared. I think it appeared some time after the first one did, but I'm not sure they're related. I'll add that the second problem appeared before I opened the laptop up, so it is not something I did there.

    2) The second problem is that the computer cannot reboot. More precisely, once it is shut down, it won't reboot for a while. (how long, i will expend on that later).
    What happens exactly when I press the power button is that the power button light, and the leds on the front of the laptop turn on, the CPU fan starts making the usual heavy noise, i THINK i also hear the hard drive, but I'm not sure it's always the case. However, the screen and the keyboard do not turn on at all: no light at all.
    Then nothing happens except for the CPU fan making noise, and sometimes the computer will eventually shut down (sometimes withing 5 seconds, sometimes longer, and sometimes not at all)

    This problem also evolved over last weeks: when i first noticed it, the computer wouldn't start for something like 1 hour, but after that i would work as usual. But then the "resting time" needed, as i like to call it, kept increasing. Last time I managed to turn it on, i had to wait 4 days.
    Today, it's been 4 days and it's still not turning on.

    I've tried numerous solutions that usually come up in this situation: pressing power for 45 seconds, unplug battery and charger and press power for 45 seconds, let the computer unplugged and with no battery for a day, let the computer plugged for a day, reset the charger, etc.. Nothing worked.
    I would add that this problem appeared when I was still running windows 8.0. I switched to 8.1 and the problem remained.

    Does anyone here have any idea what could cause these issues?
    My main problem is that I am kinda scared to try to use the warranty: when I opened it up, I messed up taking the keyboard off, and now the touch pad isn't working any more. I am afraid they could use this as an excuse to cancel the warranty.
    Also, I use it a lot and I'm afraid it'd take a long time to get it fixed, so I'm still hoping to fix it myself.
    Last time i managed to turn it on, i decided to simply never turn it off again (I need it on a daily basis for another month, then I can send it back to repair :/), but after a few days it shut down on its own as described earlier.

    Thank you in advance for your help! I remain available for any further question.

    PS: Please forgive me for my English, I am french :-)

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    MonitorAUO B173HW02 V1 Custom Refresh 85hz
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    madferir, nice english, a bit too much description, but I get your drift.

    You need to RMA your laptop to Asus for repair. Use 1 sentence to describe each of the 2 problems, more than that and Asus support will get confused. Focus your statements so they are clear and to the point.

    You can't repair this on your own, and a 3rd party repair place will muck it up, they always do. <== create a login, register your laptop, file a Technical Inquiry - list the boot up problem first, then ask for the CPU fan to be replaced - noisy.

    Please come back and let us know how it works out

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    Oh sorry, I figured I had to be as exhaustive as possible in order to get the best answer possible. (on this forum anyway)
    I'll fill the inquiry right away and will definitely let you know how it works out!
    Thank you for your answer!

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