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    plehton PC Specs
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    Storage #1Samsung EVO 840 128 Gb
    Storage #2PNY 240 Gb
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    Z97 Pro Gamer temperature sensors acting strange


    Already posted this as a comment on another thread, but will do a repost with a bit more details and another issue.

    I just received a Z97 Pro Gamer and have been struggling with the temperature sensors and fan controlling.

    BIOS, drivers and AI-Suite are all latest versions, downloaded from Asus' web pages. I have 4670K oc'd to 4200 Mhz using AI-Suite.

    First of all the CPU temperature sensor reports temperatures which are constantly 10-20 degrees lower than what I get the from cores with e.g. RealTemp. However, when running Prime95 and looking at FanXpert graph where you set the curve for CPU fan the actual setting of the fan power get's done with higher than reported temperature: the RPM of the CPU fan is higher than the reported temperature indicates. Actually, you can see 2 bullets / temp indicators from which one is aligned with the reported temperature and the other (slightly faded) is at all times at a higher temperature above the first one.

    Using another software besides AI suite reveals that there's a CPU (PECI) sensor too, which reports temps closer to the core temps. The CPU sensor and the PECI sensor behave in a similar way. This is something I could live with, since I think it's fine to run the CPU fan with lower temp as long as it behaves logically.

    But the real problem came yesterday when my son was playing Project Cars.

    I have set up FanXpert so that the lower front fans is controlled by PCH temp (which I believe is close to GPU) and the front top and CPU fans are controlled by the CPU temp. Back Fan is controlled by VRM temp. So I tried to create a setup where I can increase the inflow based on either GPU or CPU temp and control the outgoing air by a more ambient temperature.

    During game play we could hear the GPU fan going up and slight increase from the case fans. Seemed to be fine... but as he exited the game after an hour or so, all case fans went to 100% after a couple of seconds. When I looked at the temperatures reported by the motherboard they seemed to spike up after a few seconds after exiting the game: PCH more, CPU less. My GTX970 was running at 75 Celsius. It took a good while until the temps and fans settled and from there everything seemed normal. But I didn't launch the game anymore.

    Seems like the reported temps do not change / are somehow stuck or blocked under heavy load (gaming) which prevents the FanXpert from doing what it is supposed to do: increase the fan speeds as the temps get higher.

    Is this a software or a hardware issue / do I have a faulty board? Or is it just me...
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    Flat mosega

    I have the same problem with H97 Pro Gamer too
    Asus uses its own sensor diode near the CPU socket and reports it as CPU temperature in Ai Suite x)
    And even HWinfo, v5.38 is fine but v5.40-5.52
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