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    Running GTA5 - Older G Series

    Just to share with you, If your finding GTA5 is not running so great on your older G series Notebook, in my caes on a slightly older G74sx, be sure you have updated your Intel Chipset INF to the latest version.
    I found the game was not detecting my CPU and properly scaling the performance until I did this.
    Also be sure to grab the latest graphics drivers from Nvidia..
    Many of us Notebook owners make the mistake of grabbing the generic drivers witch is a BIG MISTAKE.
    Nvidia to their credit have customized drivers specifically designed for Notebook users.
    You have to make sure when you update your Nvidia drivers; under "Product Series" you select your matching card to only grab the version with (Notebook) "in brackets" at the end of the name of your card.
    Very important!

    i found once I did this all of a sudden my performance shot through the roof, and although I dont run at full Ultra settings, I can achieve very high settings for the most part and a nice stable framerate.

    Grab the Intel update utility here.

    Nvidia drivers here.

    If you require any other performance tips please feel free to inquire or post your findings in this thread.

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    This doesn't seem to update. Inspite of trying multiple times (G74SX-3D) the Intel Chipset INF drivers still remain at
    The latest is 10.x.x.x but the update keeps failing. (Win 7 64-bit)

    How did you manage to install it?

    Re. GTA V, I can run it at 1280x720 with low to medium settings and get around 60fps (with their latest patch it seems to dip suddenly to under 20pfps and go back up so it is stuttering at lot but this is a game issue)

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