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Thread: G751 Successor

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    G751 Successor

    (This is a re-post because I don't know if I posted this in the proper forum)

    Hey guys,

    I am wondering if anyone knows any news about the successor to the current G751 regarding a release date or any other news I can get my hands on. I know the G751 has been out for a while, and I really would love to get one but if I only have to wait a few months, then I'd rather get the latest and greatest. Plus, there are certain things about the G751 I do not particularly like, such as the red exhaust vents, the Steam button, the placement of the ROG button, and other minor nitpicky things. I also am hoping the next model will have the option to install a desktop CPU like the new Origin EOS17-X.

    I absolutely love everything ROG, as their build quality is absolutely superb and I love the overall design of their laptops. Everything feels very solid and I like the unique look to their cases. I would just like to see the ability to upgrade the CPU and GPU. These are the only things (along with what I mentioned above) holding me back from buying a new Asus laptop. The reason being, I am going to be using whatever laptop I get for not only gaming, but music production, video editing, and Photoshop. I need extreme horsepower for this very reason.

    I currently have a G74SX, and I have enjoyed it for a little while. It has ancient hardware (I didn't spend too much on it) and there are some problems with it, so it's time for a major upgrade. However, if the G751 successor lacks anything I mentioned that I want, I will have to end up getting the EOS, even though I would really like to stick with using Asus ROG products (being the fanboy that I am).

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