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    Wish List

    1 - Upcoming G751 successor: Desktop CPU, Upgradable CPU, Upgradable GPU, the option to choose an all black chassis or all white chassis (with black keys and traditional ROG red lighting), SLI

    2 - RA01 keyboard: I want to be able to purchase this without having to buy the GR6 desktop. This keyboard looks awesome. I would also like to see this in the traditional colors or all white with black keys (keeping the ROG red lighting).

    This is all I can think of at the moment. I just think it would be really cool to be able to choose either black or white. I think white with black accents looks really good and adds contrast. All black is getting old (with all brands). White needs to make a comeback.

    However, the most essential out of all these choices would be #1 (excluding the white options, although it'd be cool to see). I feel Asus needs to consider this to compete with other companies such as Origin and MSI. I am an ROG fanboy all the way, but Origin's newest Eon17-X with the desktop CPU (plus the options to upgrade the CPU and GPU) has really been tugging on me lately and I am tempted to buy one in the near future, as I would be using this for gaming, music production, and video editing.

    What would y'all like to see on the new G751 successor, or in general?

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