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    Lightbulb Laptop keeps crashing/going to sleep while gaming

    Hey all,
    I have a problem. Randomly while I'm gaming, my laptop goes to sleep. This has only been happening while I play games (right now it's been only League of Legends) and is pretty annoying to randomly disconnect in-game. Any suggestions on how to fix this.

    One other thing. If I switch my power plan to power saver after restarting my computer, the problem stops occurring but this makes my game and computer really slow so I don'y enjoy doing that.

    Asus ROG 15.6 inch gaming laptop
    Intel i-7-4710HQ CPU
    Nvidia GEForece GTX 860M
    16 GB ram

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    Hey akshb699,

    It's most likely an issue with your laptop going into hibernating mode rather than sleep mode. Have you tried taking a look at the advanced power settings and checking the hibernate and sleep settings?

    Disabling hibernate mode should resolve the issue, you can also disable hibernate by going into command prompt (run as admin) and typing the following: powercfg -h off

    Hope this helps.

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