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    go for the pg278q now ? also a new build so any advice would be gr8

    Hey guys im new here...

    i'm going to build a new z97 rig mainly for gaming at 1440p max settings
    and i fell in love with asus boards and all that Republic of gamers style

    so this is the build:
    16gb hyper x savage
    maximus vii hero/formula - not sure which 1 yet if the formula not that expansive i will go with that
    coolermaster v850 psu
    fractal design r5
    850 evo 500gb
    980ti - not sure which one yet
    wd 2tb black

    the importer i'm buying the parts from told me that yesterday he got a new batch of the PG278Q (YAY!)
    and this monitor is the main reason im buying the new rig.
    i just fell in love with that monitor that i ignored TheWitcher 3 and other games until i get the rig and the monitor so i can play them in the best way

    but as you all know the PG278Q got alot of bad reviews and im not sure what to do...
    i have a fear that i may regret messing with the monitor.
    i dont like IPS Glow(pg279q) So i think pg278q would be best for me

    does new PG278Q batch means i can get a better and less faulty monitor?

    i already sent my pc part list to my supplier so now i just wait for prices and its a matter of days until i place my order.

    not sure what to do :P would like your advice about the monitor

    and also i would like any advice about my rig -any thing you think i should consider
    i really considered going with an X99 but its seems so pointless for an only gaming machine and going with z97 would save me alot of money...

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