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    ATK fix doesn't help but found a workaround

    Unfortunately, the ATK fix didn't help.
    My windows became too slow and I had to reinstall it. But restore to factory settings didn't work, so I had to install a fresh win 10 copy.
    Everything seems to work except the keyboard backlight.
    I tried ATK fix for my GL551GM with no luck. Tried restarting, ATK from other versions, nothing helps.
    Other function keys work fine, but FN-F4 and FN-F3 are dead.
    I found a workaround, I press FN-F1- this puts the comp to sleep and then after the wakeup, the keyboard is lit up.
    I guess I could live with that.
    If you know a fix, please let me know at max.rempel () gmail.

    Laptop: GL551GM
    OS Windows 10.

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