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    WaterCooler Incompatibility with Asus Crosshair V Formula (non Z) ????

    Already more than 1 year ago I had set for my cousin a desktop with the following settings:

    AMD FX 6100
    Asus Crosshair V Formula (non Z) 1703 BIOS
    Ripjaws X 8GB 1333MHz
    EVGA Geforce 560 IT
    OCZ 650W 80+ Bronze Full Modular

    Well, he came to me to say that the PC was shutdown without any error. he even told me that your room is too hot.

    I instructed him to buy a water cooler and some FANs to improve the cooling of the processor and the PC as a whole.
    He bought about four days CoolerMaster Seidon 120V to install on your PC.

    The Problem:

    *However when I was setting up your PC realized that it was a random overclocking working. And because of this was totally unstable.

    After finally I managed to solve this, i making new tests, realized what time the Watercooler was recognized and time was not.
    When the PC is recognized usually works with CPU temperature 36 degrees celcius and MB in 34 degrees.

    While not recognize CPU reaches 60 degrees and shutdown for Prevent damage.

    My doubts, could be defective watercooler or incompatibility with the mother board (BIOS)? Since hour after work hours is not an ordinary shutdown.

    When it works normally, i could use for hours and hours. So i conclude this.

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    DKN55, Welcome to ROG ..

    Have you checked the connection ? Sounds to me as if it is losing contact from time to time ..
    it is running and then not as you describe. Or as you say, defective unit..
    I would check for nicks in the wires and be certain it is not shorting somewhere.

    Best of Luck. Please Keep Us Posted. .c.

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