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    EC or EC Flash Error ... ASUS hates me [OR MAYBE NOT!]

    Okay so third time is the charm?

    Well for anyone new to my problems, I have bought everything BRAND NEW! I have RMA'd my MOBO Twice now, I have RMA'd my Processor, My Graphics Card... And since that is all I know to be broken... I guess that is enough.

    After the RMA team now got me a Refurbished CV5, And they updated it to 0903... And now that my CPU light doesn't STAY ON (read below) I can actually POST now!!! WOOOOHOOO,

    But surprising enough... I get a whole new error!!! WOOHOOOO,


    When I boot it looks like my CPU LED blinks red, My VRAM or w/e blinks red, and than my boot_device stays lit I have a brand new WD 1tb, And all I want to do is get into the BIOS so i don't even have it hooked in. (Though I have tried it with it in and it stays red)

    Then my screen POSTS

    S.M.A.R.T Supported
    Using PCIE Gen 2
    Can't find any devices


    Please enter setup to recover BIOS Settings
    The Data in the EC or EC flash might be corrupted
    Please contact ASUS... Blah blah blah
    And I will shut down in 15 seconds because I don't like you and you should go die Turbo123..

    (Ok so maybe the last one is exaggerated...)

    ... I don't know what to do, My PSU is fine as the current computer works fine with it, My RAM is detected and i even have just 1 stick in the FURTHEST slot from the Processor, I try to get into the BIOS and on the spare chance it detects me trying to do it, It just shuts down... I can't return it because the RMA's made me go over my 30 days on Newegg... WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD FOR 1300 DOLLARS?!?!?!?

    ... Needless to say I am tired of this and would just love some good news from you lovely people... Like maybe "Oh I have had this issue and all you have to do is kiss the case on the top..." Or something that isn't "RMA THE BOARD BECAUSE ASUS HAS MESSED IT UP!" I mean this is my FIRST build and do you know what this does to my morale? It's SHOT, Just SHOT! I can't use any of my parts that I just spend $1300 on because of errors... Though I should look at the bright side... It POST'S right? ...

    Any help is appreciated!


    Okay sooo after doing a lot of research... Nothing, Than I remembered what a friend told me! "Check your connections", Well sure enough all this was apparently caused by me plugging either my HD Audio or USB into the WRONG position! After I re-checked all my plugs I started her up and the BIOS booted fine.

    Good news: ASUS doesn't hate me!

    Bad news: Now I have too install all my games... Oh who am I kidding this is what I have been waiting for!

    Thank you all for the help! Raja you have been awesome and the ASUS RMA is no where near as bad as I have read!
    Current Setup:
    Crosshair V Formula
    FX 8120 AKA Bulldozer AKA Zambezi
    Crosshair Vengeance 8GB (2x4)
    XFX AMD Radeon 6950 2GB
    PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK|| 950W
    Antec Darkfleet (DF-85)

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