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    Asus K53sv hdd in optical drivebay caddy problem

    Hello I have a problem with my k53sv laptop with a i5 2430m.

    I installed a hdd optical drive caddy because I wanted to install an ssd and ssd.

    But now my laptop doesn't shutdown reboot or goes in to sleep.

    It hangs black screen, I think it has something to do with the bios.

    It coldboots just fine and two hdds are found by my bios (ssd and normal hdd).

    In windows the two hdds show up.

    Something interesing is that in the bios update changelog from 306 it mentions a patch to stop the odd tray from tray out.

    This patch ****s up the shut down and sleep and reboot.

    I downgraded the bios to 300 and the problem was gone, this bios was before the patch but not ideal because id doesn't clock down the cpu. it always runs on 2,8 ghz wich makes the laptop very hot and the fan becomes noisy.

    My question is: can the patch be removed in bios update 315? or maybe the next bios update?

    more and more people install a optical drive caddy for hdd so more people will have this problem in the future!

    I cant downgrade tot bios 210 because then the new i5 2430m will not be supported!!

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