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    Why does the Asus GTX480 not play nice with the other GTX480s?

    Hey guys, I have dual GTX480s running on my R3E rig and have run into an issue while running SLI. One is an Asus GTX480 and the other a eVGA GTX480.

    In non-SLI mode, the cards work perfect and have similar temps (within 1c of each other). In SLI with either card as the master (ie, top pcie slot) the SLI will go out of control thermally, to the tune of temps being 15c higher than the other card. And to verify the Asus card is that much hotter under load than the other card regardless of which card is in the top slot.

    As a test I flashed the eVGA card with the Asus BIOS and the setup ran SLI just fine with temps within 1c of each other once more.

    So, for the Asus support people, why doesn't the Asus GTX480 play nice with other vendors GTX480s that are running plain vanilla nVidia BIOSes???

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