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    Keyboard/Touchpad issues are Still Unresolved

    Hey guys, since there hasn't been an update from Gary on NBR in over a month in regards to the keyboard problems, can anyone at Asus here look into the status of finding a fix for the missing keystrokes, keyboard lag and touchpad freakout issues on the G73???

    Last update from GAry said they had a machine that had issues consistently. So, anything figured out yet?

    It seems like this issue has dropped to the back-burner as ther isn't even status updates on it anymore, which seems like it is a much bigger problem, ie motherboard, than something that can be fixed via BIOS updates or driver updates.

    If this *IS* the case, then we need to be sure that it is a known issue and that if we RMA our laptops they won't just be run through some simple test and have the issue marked as an "unverifiable problem" and the laptop just shipped back to us.

    For many, including myself, the keyboard/touchpad issues are not consistant, in that it can work fine for 3 or 4 hours, then it freaks out for 10-20 minutes, then returns to normal. Sometimes it freaks out within 30 minutes.

    This issue is a MAJOR concern for those of us that do production work on our G73s (myself included) including not only document authoring, but also coding and client real-time communications (including remote control support). Imagine not being able to resolve someones issue because the touchpad decides to freakout. Or while authoring you find a ton of characters dropped which requires you to lose your train of thought to go back and fix.

    On NBR there has been polls that show that a large number of users are affected by this issue. If it requires a new motherboard to fix, then do it. We all have paid a ton of cash for our G73s and to have issues like this, it is outrageous.

    Most users, myself included, are unwilling to make the sacrifice of giving up our machines for weeks at a time with an RMA in the "hopes" that they will actually fix the problem.

    We need to know what Asus is planning to do to resolve these issues and need a plan to decide a course of action to making these units fully functional on a consistant basis.

    If it is drivers/BIOS, then say it. I am just concerned that it is a major issue and one that Asus is hoping the end-users will just ignore. To that I will say I can gladly take my business (which has been over $5k this year alone) to another vendor if this is not resolved. I cannot in good faith continue to support a company that would allow an issue like this to languish and be unresolved.

    I really like the Asus brand (especially the ROG series), but being a faithful consumer is hard to do when the vendor does not support the product when issues are exposed. At the very least I expect a laptop to function for proper interfacing, including the keyboard and touchpad, both of which have shown to have issues on the G73.

    I implore you, the Asus reps here, to look into this issue and give us reasonable and consistent status updates in regards to solving these issues. It is not too much to ask, we did our part and purchased the product. Please do yours and support it properly. This set of issues has been complained about for at least 4 months, and was recognized as a major issue by Gary at least 2-3 months ago.

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    It would be nice to find out what the true problem is as on mine it is not from key roll or not depressing the keys as I hammer the keys when typing and each stroke is sounded off with a thud.

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    I found my way to this site specifically to find out what I could regarding the keyboard issues that I have read about on several other sites. For best results you go to the source, right?

    The lack of response to The Beast's reasonable request for the ASUS reps to address the keyboard issue is very disheartening. I just ordered the ASUS G73JW-A1 and it is due to arrive tomorrow. I'm already wondering if I should even open the box. A functional keyboard is very important to me as I do have a life beyond gaming.

    I have heard (internet scuttlebutt) that ASUS is known for poor customer support. But, since I prefer to make my own judgements, and since the G73 sounded like the computer of my dreams, I took the risk and ordered the thing. This will be my first ASUS encounter and I'm already beginning to get that bad feeling that I might have made a big mistake.

    What's the deal? You're going to blatantly ignore a customer bringing up a known issue and reasonably asking for information as to ASUS's intentions about dealing with it? Really? What results are you expecting to get from that tactic? If I close my eyes he can't see me?

    I don't have time to wait for answers that don't appear to be forthcoming. My current laptop is circling the drain as I write this. I'm very serious when I say that I'm thinking of just sending back the box unopened and returning to my search for a laptop that can meet my needs and a company who backs up their products.

    Some kind of response before the thing gets here would really be appreciated.



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    We are still working with Microsoft, AMD and Synaptics on this problem. Several beta testers have sent us their key logs and we are utilizing that information to figure out the problem. I have yet to have it occur on dozens of systems so it is difficult to recreate. Even switching systems with a couple of users experiencing the problem resulted in the "bad" systems not exhibting the problem. That said we are still working with other users and I will have an update shortly from our R&D group.

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    Thank you for your prompt response. I will factor both the fact that I got one, and its content, into my decision making process. However, I remain concerned that a problem of what sounds to be of considerable magnitude, to an apparently significant number of consumers, is taking so long to be resolved.

    Thank you,

    D. Burke

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    Tom Cocagne
    Unfortunately, my machine appears to have similar problems. The touchpad is finicky to the point of being unusable. I don't really want to go through the hassle of RMA'ing the machine but the lack of a reliable touchpad is exceptionally irritating. From the discussions on this board, I understand that he problem is currently being looked into. To that end I do have an extra bit of information that I haven't seen mentioned yet. After installing Ubuntu Linux, I encountered the same problems under X windows. This would seem to suggest that the problem lies within the realm of the Hardware/BIOS rather than in the driver.

    Any updates on when a fix will be available?


    Tom Cocage

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    I am in the same boat as you guys. My touch-pad is very unstable, which is very annoying. I have adjust settings and updated drivers to no avail. I purchased my rig a couple months ago. At first there didn't appear to be any issues at all, until I started loading my software and migrating my files from my old laptop. Its like one day it decided it was time to act up. There are times I swear that if my hand is resting next to the touch pad a certain way it becomes unstable and freezes. Once I remove my hand or hands, depending on if I am typing, it goes a way. Pressure on the front end of the computer could be the issue. I have repeated this condition several times. I wonder if the lab environment at Asus takes this into consideration when trying to pinpoint the culprit to this serious issue. Considering my laptop is still under warranty I don't want to open up my case just to test my theory. If there is too much pressure on some hardware component somewhere in the case, we could be looking at a hardware or design issue.

    I hope this can be resolved soon before my patience run out. My investigation continues on this end. Will let all know if I come up with any solutions.

    I suppose my wireless mouse will be my friend for awhile.

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    If you you can recreate this issue by applying pressure on the front end of the notebook can you up load a video of the re creation, this would be very helpful.

    Try removing the Hard Drive from Bay 1 directly under the touch pad to Bay 2 away from the touch pad. The hard drives close proximity may be causing problems with the touch pad.

    Temperature may also be causing the touch pad issue, try running the notebook in a cooler enviroment and again in a warmer enviroment to see if the issue is exacerbated by temperature.

    I have heard from some useres that running Moodpad- in the background can resolve their issues *note this might not solve your problem
    moodpad is available here:

    Some useres have expressed that putting pressure on the touch pad when it is acting up can temporarily make it go away.

    Adjusting the Touch Pad settings like disabling edgemotion, gestures, multifinger tapping, horizontal scrolling and zoom function may resolve some of your issues, open the Synaptics Pointing Device manager in the taskbar. open the Device Settings tab, highlight the Touchpad entry, then click on Edit.

    Use the most up to date Touch Pad drivers currently at version

    Update your video drivers to the latest version

    Make Sure you have updated your Vbios to the latest version, there is a step by step guide available here:

    Also checkto see if your BIOS is up to date the current BIOS version is version 0211

    If it is a hardware issue with the touch pad contact tech support, request an RMA and specifically make note that you wish to have the touch pad replaced due to the intermitant nature of the problem.

    I have created a Sticky Thread for troubleshooting the touchpad issues available here:

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    Same stuff...

    This is happening constantly on my brand new G73. I thought I just wasn't used to the keyboard, but then I did a series of tests and now I'm SURE it just can't keep up with some of my common keystrokes...

    The touchpad is also super sensitive up to about an inch to the left of it where my left hand normally rests, so I've had to adjust my typing style...

    I really like the computer, but I hate that it made me think I was typing like a derp for the past few days... You want videos of it happening? The best way I've seen to recreate it is to just hit one letter as quickly as possible. It stutters and drops strokes. I can make as many videos as you want, just, PLEASE fix this.


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    We are aware of the issue, and working on a fix. Unfortunately, the source of the problem is an elusive one. BTW, which G73 do you own?
    Kicking Ass Since Today

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