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    Quote Originally Posted by chrsplmr View Post
    WOW.... dont know where to start.... to the smallest of details.... then the photo work..
    and laying it out in the thread............. yeah... WOW... just says it all... thank you....

    if you get some time.. maybe some photo tips... no sign of light..just lit... ur good..
    care to give up some year???? please do.... but not if it takes time from
    the Mod...hehe.....c.


    I would like to point out again... that in I3p NL's sig is not spam... it is however
    some awesome ROG work.... thnx..I3p.c.
    I'm using a simple system camera, Nikon D40 with a 18-55 objective (lens?). I'm only using natural light, but not direct sunlight. So you should be in a bright room, but not with actuall sunlight shining directly on your computer. I also use a tripod and a 2 sec delay so I can take my shaky hands off the camera. That's my quick photo 1 on 1.

    Quote Originally Posted by xeromist View Post
    I can't decide if I'm more drawn in by your photography and presentation of the build or the build itself.
    Either way, I'm really thankful! :-D

    Quote Originally Posted by Giannis996 View Post
    its awesome!!!! wow how long did it take you to make the build and also take this awesome photos??
    Well, I started this build in oktober 2010. I'll finish it this May. :-)

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