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    Change OS from HDD to SSD for ROG GR8

    Sorry for my poor English since I am coming from far east Hong Kong
    I bought the Rog GR8 (model R101R) couple days ago which only with 1TB HDD
    I would like to add a 256 GB SSD on another SATA slot and change the OS (win8.1) from original HDD to it.

    ASUS official website recommond to use the "Backtracker" to copy the factory recovery files first.

    However, the software is not workable as it showing "Asus backtracker only support Asus notebook"
    I think the software dected ROG GR8 as "Desktop" instead of "Laptop"

    Soo the only way I can do is to creat a recovery file from Windows 8.1 or microsoft website??

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    Hi Chan,

    You could always clone your hard drive over to another hard drive. There are a lot of disk cloning software that are free like the EaseUS Disk Copy software (


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