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  • I like the current scheme of ROG

    21 58.33%
  • We'ed like to a new scheme from ROG

    6 16.67%
  • We like the theme ROG currently has now

    13 36.11%
  • We want to see new visual themes from ROG

    12 33.33%
  • We want new swag items

    13 36.11%
  • We are fine with the current swag items

    6 16.67%
  • We are fine with the current website

    12 33.33%
  • We want a new website

    5 13.89%
  • We like html based websites with some flash

    8 22.22%
  • We like full flash sites

    3 8.33%
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    Give us your opinion on the ROG brand

    Hey guys, just want to see what your view on ROG is since the past year or so. Many of you have seen us at Gaming events or overclocking events. You've seen our T-shrts, mouse pads, posters, banners, and even our website. We want some feedback on what you think of ROG, what makes you feel ROG relates to gaming, overclocking, case modding or folding, this is a open discussion, all comments are welcome!

    Here are a few topics to start off with:

    What does Republic of Gamers mean to you? Although republic of gamers was originally focused to the hardcore gamers, but lately it seems to have directed towards the hardcore PC enthusiast. Gaming, overclocking, case modding, or folding. So is it still primarily perceived as a gaming brand or has it grown to something different? If so what?

    ROG perception:
    Our color theme is black and red, more black than red. Do you guys like this? What do you think of the ROG Army characters? did you know they were from the original Gene board? What do you expect to see when you see republic of gamers? Do you guys like the tagline choice of champions?

    Website: Do you guys like how our asusrog site is laid out? How is the user experience, does it feel outdated? Any ideas on how to make it better? Do you guys like the grungy look or clean look? Are you able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily? Is it easy to understand the content on the product pages?

    Swag!: Do you like the current ROG t-shirt designs? Do you like the mouse pads? posters? banners? ROG thermos? What would you like to see more of, less of, or things that we haven't though of? What kind of goodies would you like to see being given away at events?

    What else would you like to see coming from Republic of Gamers (aside from product) to make it better?

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    TeamROG Moderator Array xeromist PC Specs
    xeromist PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)Dell Inspiron 15 7567
    MotherboardMSI x470 Gaming Plus
    ProcessorAMD 2600X
    Memory (part number)16GB Crucial Ballistix Elite 3600
    Graphics Card #1ASUS GTX 1080 Strix
    MonitorBenQ BL3200PT
    Storage #1Intel 600p NVMe
    CPU CoolerWraith
    Casecustom Antec 900
    Power SupplyCorsair HX1000
    Keyboard Logitech Orion Spark
    Mouse Logitech MX500
    Headset Plantronics 777 with Oregon Aero upgrade
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    Jul 2010

    I do like the ROG brand overall. Though, as we've discussed I'd like to see some support in terms of folding if that is part of what ASUS wants the brand to represent.

    To me the brand represents a premium line of products; the cream of the crop. I remember unboxing an ROG motherboard for the first time and thinking that "they thought of everything". It even included the leather key chain which has nothing to do with technology but made it feel more special anyway.

    One question that I think is worth discussing is who do we see as ROG's competition? Enthusiasts only have limited dollars so when ROG is on the short list, who else might take that sale and why?

    Alienware - Despite being bought out it's still a strong brand which commands a premium price.
    Apple - Certainly gamers aren't looking at Apple for the most part but I believe that there is a cross section of enthusiasts and those who demand the best who will consider both ASUS and Apple for a deluxe laptop.
    EVGA - As an enthusiast I can say they generally produce good products that cater to what I want. As a high end folder they are the only game in town in fact, but I understand it's not worth the investment for ROG in the current generation.

    I might think of more later. I thought about MSI because they have a good rep of producing solid products which enthusiasts often like to use, but they really haven't targeted enthusiasts well, IMO.

    One thought that I had was when I first heard the phrase Republic of Gamers I didn't really know that it was supposed to be an entire brand to itself. Perhaps that's because it was only in its infancy back then. I understand what it is now but I don't know whether that's because the image is clearer or just because I have the experience. It's tough to recall that old perspective. So this may not be an issue anymore but I'm not sure I can judge.

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    TeamROG Folding@Home Array ottoyu34 PC Specs
    ottoyu34 PC Specs
    MotherboardMaximus IX Hero
    ProcessorIntel Core i7 7700K
    Memory (part number)Trident Z RGB (F4-3600C16D-16GTZR)
    Graphics Card #1ROG Strix GTX1080 Ti OC
    MonitorLG IPS LED 27"
    Storage #1Samsung SSD 850 PRO 1TB
    Storage #2Crucial MX300 525GB SSD
    CPU CoolerCorsair Hydro H115i
    CaseCorsair Obsidian 750D Airflow Ed.
    Power SupplyEVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3
    Keyboard Corsair Vengeance K65
    Mouse Logitech G502
    Mouse Pad Razer Destructor
    Headset/Speakers Logitech Z-2300 2.1
    OS Windows 10 Pro x64
    Network RouterAsus RT-N66U
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    Apr 2010

    As usual, Thanks for the input xero.

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    Just my two cents but it would be cool if you made a green, yellow and blue color scheme version for the mother boards instead of just red......also would like to see more little details like the back lit I/O on a couple more boards and some led's on the boards that match its color scheme!

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    Im sure one website comes to mind when we think amazing website. 2advanced. This is the level of quality i think of when i hear ASUS or ROG. Although i have no tiffs with ROG (Red & Black) I wish there were more color choices when it comes to schemes. Nothing looks off like your entire blue system and a red and black board sitting in the back of your case....

    Example my case:

    Antec 1200 (blue fans)
    Zaleman 9960 (blue fan)
    HD 6859's (blue PCB Black Covers)

    Then my Asus Rampage Extreme II (red Black & White)

    Not a BIG deal. But when your system starts getting up in the 2k 3k range......some available colors to match everything would be nice. The best thing about ROG so far is that built in sound cards suck. Love the PCI-E 1.1 Sound card. That alone made me pick this board at the time over EVGA.

    As a consumer what i want from ROG. Is exactly what ROG is providing. The best of the best for my gaming addiction >:3

    Just my insight on the matter

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    Xero, yes i too think that alienware apple and evga are direct competitors as well. From a particular partner, who i will not mention, has told me that our G series notebooks are the only real competitors in the $1000+ notebook market to go against apple OSX. Most of the mass selling notebooks are now under $1000.

    I think alienware will have its fan boys but their reputation of low quality hardware is starting to catch up with them, to most of the enthusiasts, they already knew this back in the day. But they do have a big pot of gold to spend on marketing.

    some neat stats on where ASUS lies in the market. using HWbot as a referance*
    Currently ASUS has a 45% market share on hwbot.

    EVGA has a 11% market share and have slowly been declining...

    I Agree EVGA is pretty strong in the enthusiast community, lets just see how they play out with all the stuff that has been happening to them lately.

    A brief history of where ROG came. To my knowledge, Republic of Gamers was for the motherboard division
    and the ROG logo was considered the gaming series for the notebook division and VGA division

    The two combined to form Republic of Gamers as you see it today. The original intent was focused towards gamers. We wanted to develop the absolute best performance in whatever we stuck the ROG badge on. that means it had to be the cream of the crop of ASUS products. To increase performance naturally you would need to overclock and most of the OG overclockers probably came from some sort of gaming background or wanted more performance to make "something" run quicker.

    Naturally overclocking has become its own sport, but do note that the gaming audience is still wayyyy bigger than overclocking is. Which on my part has been lacking in the community and will hopefully make a big push in 2011 for gaming. along with case modding and folding. (should be interesting) so looking at our Gen 3 line of ROG products, we have the GENE for gamers and case modders or those that want ROG performance but still affordable, FORMULA for the gaming enthusiasts, everything you want from the extreme but nothing you don't need, and the EXTREME really targeted for the extreme enthusiasts and extreme overclockers.

    The big question is why the hell do you want an ROG board and why are there 3 different levels? If i can make an analogy, i would compare it to a BMW. A normal 3 Series is like our premium ASUS motherboards. Still very good and can play all your games fine. ROG is like the M series. Its just that much better. Itll still drive like any other 3 series but its the best of the best.
    then i would cater it towards the base package, sport package, and track package. 3 different levels for 3 different type of users.

    Now just because you have a M3 doesn't mean you know how to drive it the way it was intended for. some may just fix it up for show, take it to a track, or just daily it. either way, we hope that anyone can jump into an ROG board and will be able to come to the ROG community for support on how to make their experience better.

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    Vayron, i do agree it sucks to not have a matching system. i think the tough decision with ROG is to make the theme of the board fit with the ROG brand and everything around it. if you look at APPLE, everything defaulted to white or brushed aluminum but has since then added color choices. as of now, to have matching blue, our premium line is probably your best bet, but it would be nice to have the option of switching out colors on the board. ill give some feedback to the R&D team about this.

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    As an enthusiast, I would see Apple (Satan Steve jobs) As a bad example. Apple is a predatory cult, built to feed off ignorance...their prices are ridiculous and i fear anyone that falls subject to its fame. If i wanted to pay 2x the amount for hardware 2 seasons old id tattoo an apple on me and call my self Justine.

    Apple is a horrible example to look up too. Never, i beg of you, never, look up to Apple. Apple is just a fad. And when the rest of the world wakes up and figures out all their little gadgets, they'll ask themselves why they bought all these "Simple", dumbed down products....

    To be honest id rather have mismatching parts but a great product. Function OVER form~!

    (sorry apple makes me rant)

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    you mean function over form?

    agree most of the stuff out there these days are just a gimmick. you gotta give to apple for presenting its gimmick in a great way though. although some people still consider rog as a gimmick because they see a PC is a PC, we actually back up our statements and provide quality components in our products. its just not hyped up gimmick but the real stuff.

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    Just saw this.......all morning on the egg searching for an 1156 board. Im telling you that external Sound Card is a winner.....

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