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  • I like the current scheme of ROG

    21 58.33%
  • We'ed like to a new scheme from ROG

    6 16.67%
  • We like the theme ROG currently has now

    13 36.11%
  • We want to see new visual themes from ROG

    12 33.33%
  • We want new swag items

    13 36.11%
  • We are fine with the current swag items

    6 16.67%
  • We are fine with the current website

    12 33.33%
  • We want a new website

    5 13.89%
  • We like html based websites with some flash

    8 22.22%
  • We like full flash sites

    3 8.33%
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    Zing Freelancer
    I like the dark theme, fits with me just fine. Might be wise to invest in something light just for the sake of diversion.

    However, I did not like the Asus G74SX much. Got used to it by now, but there is a room for improvement.

    First of all it came with a whole load of programs pre-installed. That is fine, but if I wish for such garbage, I go buy an Acer or HP.
    Secondly, no Windows DVD came with my computer. Obviously Asus consider it to be a "Good idea" to have 30++ gb of hard drive space taken up by "back up"....?
    The third point is hardware, obviously there is a plenty of G74SX models, some come with intel and others with Azure wireless network adapter or so I am led to believe.

    The first thing I did is wipe out hard drives, not having windows dvd forced me to result to piracy. Not cool.
    Keyboard could use some improvement, especially after one person could have been using Logitech G15 for years, coming to G74SX feels weird.

    Otherwise, a good idea is to include bios manual. One not might always know what "Intel BigB FSB" does if it is turned on or off. The same goes for drivers.

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    ROG Guru: White Belt Array G4MER's Avatar
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    I am impressed!

    What does Republic of Gamers mean to you?

    Being fairly new to the Republic... I was unaware until recently that ROG was more than a catch phrase. After some research into a case mod I am building did I learn more about the Republic of Gamers and the fine Gamer products it represents.

    Although republic of gamers was originally focused to the hardcore gamers, but lately it seems to have directed towards the hardcore PC enthusiast. Gaming, overclocking, case modding, or folding. So is it still primarily perceived as a gaming brand or has it grown to something different? If so what?

    As I stated prior to this question, I was unaware of what all the republic stood for, I have really never been into folding, and still find the idea a little confusing. I knew ROG was into gaming and case mods, and over clocking, and feel that all these areas fit well with the ideals and idea of the Republic.

    ROG perception:
    Our color theme is black and red, more black than red. Do you guys like this?

    Yes Red and Black with the touch of Silver (White) are fantastic Colors. I like it very much.

    What do you think of the ROG Army characters?

    The Logo, I love it, when you see it you know what it is, nothing else compares to it. What I mean is, it's distinctive.

    What do you expect to see when you see republic of gamers?

    High end gaming gear and products.

    Do you guys like the tagline choice of champions?

    Yes, Choice of Champions also lends its flair to competitive gamers and gaming.

    Website: Do you guys like how our asusrog site is laid out?

    No, I find your website to be lacking and non-functional in many areas.

    How is the user experience, does it feel outdated?

    Yes, it does feel a bit out dated.

    Any ideas on how to make it better?

    I may have a few... need to think about it some.

    Do you guys like the grungy look or clean look?

    I am into clean formalility, but there is room for a little grunge, if it is needed.

    Are you able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily?

    No, your product page never loads, there are no discriptions or info on the many products from the main page. The drop menues dont always work.

    Is it easy to understand the content on the product pages?

    No, I think you need a bi-line or more info about what this page is all about.

    Swag!: Do you like the current ROG t-shirt designs?

    Have not seen them. I think the ROG logo on Belly and side or shirt, done LARGE would be rather cool.

    Do you like the mouse pads? posters? banners? ROG thermos? What would you like to see more of, less of, or things that we haven't though of?

    I would love a ROG flashdrive. Black and red with the logo on the side that lights up. Case Stickers, Case wraps, etc.

    I have not yet seen your mouse pads, posters.. the banners you had at PAX were nice.

    What kind of goodies would you like to see being given away at events?

    All of the above, plus the high end tech stuff you currently give away. The PC thing is awesome.

    What else would you like to see coming from Republic of Gamers (aside from product) to make it better?

    Maybe a Professional Game Team sponsorship, Ask a ROG'er Q&A area on the forums. More interaction from the company with its fan base. Another thing I have to think more about, being rather new, I am not too sure yet.

    I wanted to add, that the fact your asking these questions of your fan base and consumers, shows me at least that you care about our opinion and us as consumers. For me that is a big plus. Since winning this PC at PAX, and now seeing your product in use, you have a consumer in me. I am quickly becoming a fan of your products and service. Don't muck it up. Stay true, and thanks for taking the time to read my rant.

    CPU - 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-2600K Processor
    MoBo - Maximus IV Extreme-Z
    ODD - BLU-RAY Reader Combo Drive
    PSU - 850W Extreme Gaming Series Power Supply
    VGA - ASUS GTX 570 DirectCU II (1 GB)
    Memory - 8GB DDR3-1600 Memory – Corsair Vengeance
    Audio - ASUS Xonar DX
    Networking - Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card
    Hard Drive - 60GB SSD SATA III 6Gb/s – Single Drive


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    To some you already have my opinion and to others my opinion doesn't matter.

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    What does ASUS ROG mean

    Let me start out by giving a little personal history and experience with the ASUS and ROG. The first ROG board I owned was a socket 775 Maximus Formula, then a 775 Rampage Formula and next a 775 Rampage Extreme. Al of these have retired from my use now but are still running as I hand them down to my children and grandchildren. My current stable of ASUS and ROG hardware consist of a socket 1366 Rampage Gene II with a Gulftown 970 @ 4.4Ghz a socket 1366 Rampage III Genie with a 980X @ 4.5Ghz and a G73jh Laptop. Plus numerous other ASUS boards. At present I have 5 ASUS boards running Gulftown 970's and 980X's and 1 G78jh Laptop all running Folding@Home 24/7, can you tell I like ASUS and ROG yet.

    There are 3 words which come to mind when I think of ASUS and ROG, (Quality, Service and Preformance) I have owned many different brands of boards in my time and none have ever matched ASUS in any of these areas. Then add the ROG branding on top of a already high quality product and you have the most superior Quality product available. They are the easiest boards to OC and the hardest to Kill believe me I have killed more than 1 motherboard in my time 90% were not ASUS. I have had 1 ROG board and a couple of other ASUS boards die on me (I have had over 30 ASUS boards) and the service has been very good. In every case I have just called and talked to the service reps about what I was doing and what happened and in every case they have issued a RMA and either fixed or replaced the board. I can not say that about others.

    Performance wise what can I say, I have proven to myself that there is no comparison when it comes to performance, back in the socket 775 days I had 4 different brands of motherboards all of which had high marks from reputable OC reviews. I had a Q6700 which I ran on all for of the boards 1 of which was the Rampage Extreme which I was able to get the Q6700 to 4.375Ghz 24/7 folding stable the best I could do on the other boards was 4.2Ghz. Now this was the same chip and memory power supply every part that was used on all of the boards was Identical. The only place any of the competition can beat an ASUS ROG board is in memory performance for some reason I can never get memory to preform as well on an ASUS board as I can on others. But that is a minior draw back when measured to the overall performance of an ASUS ROG motherboard.

    I also wish to say I am very impressed with what ASUS and the ASUS team are doing here on this Forum. The contest and asking the community to get involved in reviews the willingness to help people and being involved on the forum shows that ASUS is concerned about there customers and there public image. The things that I have personally experienced with ASUS tells me there are some honourable people involved in the ASUS corporation from the top on down.

    So in conclusion the answer to the question is. ASUS is the best available and ROG is the BEST OF THE BEST.


    Folding Rigs
    SuperMicro 4 - H8QGi-F 4P - Opteron 6190 @ 3Ghz
    ASUS 2 - P6X58D-E, i7-980X @ 4.5Ghz
    ASUS P6P6X58D-E, i7-970 @ 4.375Ghz
    ASUS Rampage III Gene , i7-970 @ 4.4Ghz
    ASUS Rampage II Gene , i7-970 @ 4.4Ghz
    ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z , i7-2700K @ 4.8Ghz, ASUS Matrix GTX 580
    ASUS G73JH Laptop i7-740QM

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    AntiMatter Guru ROG Array chrsplmr's Avatar
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    Jul 2011

    This is a great read... ideas..likes..dislikes..and grandpa+

    Brian..have you ever considered a member blog section of the forum? would cost asus a bit...bandwidth, server space ect...
    I dont mean a blog on 'flowers'..although if that were part of the members
    'thing'....or trains...or harleys....or hemi mopars...whatever.
    If they ROG... from all walks of life and come together here with but one
    thing in and red....(and Laptops, Chastity)

    One thing I do notice..moving around the forum..(loving to read this..and all
    the personal dynamics that go with it) is so many times members bury there
    own questions...under a thread that 3-6 members are already active on..
    trying to resolve the OP question...(which it sounds similar, never is exactly,
    and there it sits)
    a month later you will see there second one loved me, so I went home.
    Like you guys dont have enough to do...BUT as a member self help forum it would
    be helpful...if a Moderator..or someone...copy/ thread...I have no idea how
    this could be accomplished...since if a member cut and pasted a new thread..the thread would be under their name...OP wouldnt know to look for it...more food for your already overflowing plate.

    I do like some of the new, more aggressive graphics I see on new marketing..
    like on the Mustang...ROG....
    This would be great as a banner change...that is the only thing I would change..
    is the fresh paint.
    R O some bloody chiller font....then smaller republic of gamers by asus...
    Gravy all over that plate...dripping on the tablecloth..come on, keep up..start chewing...ahhahahahhahaa..swallow faster....this could be too, on the grunge side..

    Is there an average age here?..(of course there is,,here)...but I mean..of the consumer?
    in general? No..I would guess..not enough of one to target...alotta of ol' heads..and new ones coming up everyday....hmmmmmmm.
    The ROG already is bringing generations in that this is perfect as is.

    How about this..for promoting the forum and supporting members and keeping the
    forum active in general.....cost? 12 boards a year? ok, 6?
    Forum Member Contest...
    Maybe another check in the lower left to report a post, or give a member could be added....a vote for that member, whether it was helpful or made their day..or just a good point...(self votes would be void and disqualify for the contest..all
    blind to the membership)......Only 2 other rules I can think of at the second..
    Must be a member, must have a registered ROG board or Laptop...or Asus Board/laptop.
    OK...once a year...No one even knows what hasnt come out yet, but its a beauty.......hehehee...your gonna need more napkins.....alright..a tshirt..hehehee

    I would also love to see a ROG case...(Did you hear the cheer?) 3 sizes...
    Maybe a design contest among members...for next years line. (I am sure
    Junkie and MMaud and others have many ideas for this..I do, not the skill.)

    Or you want real AMD/Intel board/////(Dont bother to scream about
    all the reasons this can not be pucky...we walked on the moon in 1969..1969
    shut up....we can too.) We didnt touch a computer until 1985....aaaahhh? What is really available?(not to us.)

    With all the creative energy and skill sets found within this membership, this forum
    and brand will be as it demands to be, the best of the best.....only better and better.
    Asking members that have already bought the brand, ROG the brand Why they did and
    how could it be better? Genius.

    As to the Blog thing, Folding (just folding thoughts of the day, or yesterdays), Gaming, OC'ing ect.

    I would love to read Grandpa's Blog for example..What a Folding promotion tool..
    (As Junkie, about ROG motivation)...OC.... Some of the SuperGamers...
    ...LifeSkills and his camera work.on and on and on and on..what a team.c.

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    Banned Array
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    Aug 2011

    I could care less about the color, the branding or any of that stuff. All I care about is POWER. With ASUS ROG I know I'm getting the most power that is avalible period. I want the very best I can get and that is ROG! It is as simple as that.

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    AntiMatter Guru ROG Array chrsplmr's Avatar
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    Jul 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by xeromist View Post
    Makes sense. I got my first ROG motherboard back in '06 and I only remember the cubic G, not the swooshing logo.
    I still love this graphic and shout out. Let's Game. Thanks ~xero.c.

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    ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ Array Gorman's Avatar
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    Apr 2012

    Well, firstly let me do the obligatory complaining. The horrible support and build quality makes me very aware that RoG is just a small part of ASUS, it isn't some tight-knit enthusiast community, it's just a fragment of a huge company which doesn't care too much about customers once they take your money. I think this REALLY hurts RoG's image - there's a lot of customer service reps around, but they can't actually do anything to help...

    RoG is definitely more than just gaming, I kind of wish RoG had a more neutral name instead of one specifically related to gaming - RoGs are some of the best products in their fields, not just for gaming. It seems to me almost childish to focus on the gaming aspect when RoG has matured to so much more. Not the biggest fan of the tagline for the same reason - plus what does it matter of champions choose it or not? If it's good it's good, regardless of who uses it...

    The website is ok, it could do with some cleaning, it is a bit messy. I'm a fan of more minimalist designs. For the laptop product page it would be nice if the extra images replaced the product image to the left when clicked rather than opening a floating window.

    The swag is fine, but I'd try make sure the RoG logo is consistent. There are a lot of different versions - white/red shaded, red shaded, pure red, pure black, etc.
    I think most people can recognize the logo by now, so it would be nice to see things with just the logo instead of saying Republic of Gamers next to it every time.

    What would I like to see? Better support >_> A lot of people still get screwed over spending a lot of money on laptops then discovering the 'common faults' and having to get it fixed every few months. My laptop is out of warranty now, and I was told that even though it was a known fault they will charge me $800 to get it fixed every time. This is insane. You sell a laptop that you know will break, then charge me crazy amounts? This is why ASUS is not a top tier brand. There was no recall, no replacements offered - the staff even said that they will never give me a refund or replacement. A laptop that breaks every 2-3 months, and takes 1-2 months to be repaired, there's no way I can use it for anything serious, even using it for gaming is a huge pain because I can't use it for single player games (if saves aren't synced), I've actually had to install all games on another computer in parallel so I could still game in the 1/4 of the year that the RoG is being repaired. What a piece of **** that computer is, and ASUS support too.

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    I like it the way it is, my first pc I built was back in 1995/96 k6-300 and a Asus board (TXP4, 4 PCI and 3 ISA slots) and I have only used ASUS boards sense then in many many builds. Just keep doing what you guys do best built A+ boards.

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