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    Crosshair foruma IV and OCZ30B1600LV4GK

    Hello Everyone!
    This is my first post so im sorry in advance if im in wrong place!

    I have an issue with the following memory & MB, after a night of non-use my machine develops memory errors over mainly test 7 in Memtest86+. After a few hours of testing the memory and also a few reboots they all disappear and Windows is stable again.But in the start windows crashing constantly.

    Set AI Overclock Tuner to { Auto }
    Set DRAM Frequency to { Auto}/currently at 1067mhz
    Set CPU & NB Voltage Mode to {Auto }
    Set CPU/NB Voltage { Auto }
    Set DRAM Voltage to { Auto }

    I didnt mess with any setting yet the system is 2 days or so.Today morning i have tried replacing 1 by 1 the memory on each slot and running memtest86+ for each one placed no errors came up at all and windows started normally!

    Any help please ll be appreciated!
    Thanks all.
    Greetings D3AN.

    my system specification

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    no one?

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    Check out Chews Crosshair + memory testing threads here:
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