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    G55VW USB/audio issues. Hardware problem?

    I'm having 2 issues with my G55VW. One is with the USB port right next to the Kensington lock hole, and the other is with the headphone jack. Since I believe both of these ports are on the same circuit board, I'm wondering if it's a hardware issue and I wanted to get some advice before I go dismantling the laptop and replacing any boards.

    On the USB port, a USB mouse or keyboard connected to the port works just fine, but when I connect an external hard drive (bus powered or externally powered) it makes that "trying to mount" clicking sound as if the drive is failing (yet the drive works fine in the ports on the other side of the laptop). When I connect my SamSung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 to the port (using a USB 3.0 cable or 2.0 cable) it repeatedly connects and disconnects as if I'm plugging and unplugging the cable. Constantly connecting and disconnecting.

    With the headphone jack, sometimes the audio will be phased-out or in mono, or it will still be coming through the laptop speakers untill I tap the laptop chassis fairly hard right under the headphone jack and sometimes I can get it to work normally then.

    I'm wondering if there's some kind of ribbon cable that has come loose, or a broken solder trace, or if there is another known issue. With the audio connector at least, I don't think it's software related since I can tap it and get it to work. Any ideas?

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