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    GL551J Colorful Rainbow Speckles + Freeze & Crash

    Sort of an odd problem I have here.
    I recently purchased the ASUS GL551J laptop; my first ASUS product (and first laptop, actually).
    I received it today, and immediately began installing various software and games (Steam, League of Legends, Hearthstone, etc.) and everything seemed to be going smoothly.
    However, while playing both League of Legends and Hearthstone, I ran into a similar problem - colorful rainbow specks and 3D models from the game would glitch out and fly around my screen (not very specific, but I'm not sure how exactly to describe it) and then the game would either freeze graphically (I could still hear the sound in the background) or it would go back to normal, only to happen a minute later. When it would freeze, though, I would need to restart the game completely. Sometimes, albeit rarely, I would need to reboot the entire machine (due to a lack of access to a "quit" function on the game).
    The visual representation of the problem varies slightly, and is inconsistent with when it happens and with its consequences, but the nature of the problem seems to be graphics card or graphics driver-related.
    I've searched for similar problems for about 3 hours now, and the closest problems I found had to do with crashing and black-screening, but never colorful speckles and 3D model-twisting.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the NVIDEA drivers multiple times, as the laptop has dual drivers for desktop and games, with the nvidea one being used for games. The problem still persists. I've tried a lot of little fixes, but I haven't found anyone with the exact same problem yet, which, along with the inconsistency of the problem, makes it hard to pinpoint exactly what needs to be fixed.

    If you guys can't help me, I might just have to send it back in for a replacement, which I really don't want to do. Everything else is amazing so far, except for this one major problem. This is also my first experience with ASUS.

    Thank you for your time, hopefully someone can help!

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    This sounds like an hardware issue, you will probably need to have the laptop replaced or repaired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OCFreak View Post
    This sounds like an hardware issue, you will probably need to have the laptop replaced or repaired.
    Agreed. It kinda sounds like issues you get when you have a too aggressive of an over clock on your GPU. It sounds like you have not done any OC'ing so in that case exchange or repair your unit.

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