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    PG278Q ROG Swift malfunctioning

    This is a little long, but I'd really appreciate the help. Short version: see attached photos; any suggestions?

    Every now and then while playing League of Legends, the display of my monitor will cut to a completely beige screen, stay there for several seconds (it varies from like 2-10sec) and then will cut to displaying the bottom half of the screen as completely black and the top half will be covered with horizontal multicolored fuzzy bands. Turning the monitor off then on again causes it to redraw those bands again; it keeps drawing over what was there previously. After waiting a really long time ctrl+alt+del or ctrl+shift+esc, will bring back LoL working just fine. (Interestingly enough ctrl+shift+esc doesn't end up bringing up the task manager.)

    This first occurred after just two days of owning the monitor (and the brand new desktop I'm using). Shortly thereafter I started to get all sorts of problems with the display where the monitor wouldn't stay in G-SYNC and kept going from game to black screen to game over and over again as it switched between G-SYNC to Normal mods. One afternoon for roughly 45 minutes, no matter what game I opened it crashed in a unique way from just freezing, to green screening, to purple artifacts (this fixed itself while I was testing my steam library).

    In any case, a few days after that my computer failed to POST at all and I sent the computer and the monitor in for RMA.

    I've now received the computer and monitor back and two days in this beige/multicolor band problem is back. When it first started happening about a month ago I saw 2 posts on random forums describing the beige/tan screen (not the multicolored bars) but I can't seem to find them again. One mentioned that it occurred with other games (Farcry 4 was one, iirc) but I don't have any of the games that this person had the issues with.

    The system passed a rigorous QA when it was built and was tested specifically with my monitor during the RMA and they came up with nothing. As of yet it's only occurred with League of Legends as well. So does anyone have a good idea as to what would cause this sort of issue?

    (As a side note, I don't receive any display driver crash flags or any error flags at all when it recovers). I've got a GTX 980 and it is overclocked sligtly
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    An intermittent problem like that - where the device works perfectly for an indefinite time, then randomly becomes malfunctional junk for an indefinite time - is usually caused by overheating. Can you reproduce this problem then measure temps on your monitor and on it's power supply brick? I suspect your G-Sync module (under the enlarged area on the back panel) is the cause, especially if you're running at >120Hz - Asus had to overclock this 120Hz-rated part and mod it with a phat heatsink, but in hindsight that didn't always work out too well for them. Try to assure that the monitor has unrestricted airflow around all sides, don't stuff it into a tight little monitor-sized box/shelf, move it a few inches away from the wall, move the power brick a little distance away?

    Another possibility might be an intermittent/defective DisplayPort signal - perhaps the cable is damaged or one of the end connectors is loose? Perhaps you sometimes kick it, pinch/bend it between your desk and your wall, etc, while gaming? I assume you're just using the plain DP-to-DP cable which came with the Swift, but if you're using any other DP cables, adapters, converters, or extenders you can have weird problems - there's tons of underspec (and uncertified) DP cables on the market.

    And are you sure it's not GPU failure? A good way to check would be to swap monitor while the Swift has this weird display issue ... if the problem isn't isolated to one monitor then the monitor isn't the cause.
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