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    Now lol I'm guessing its must be just me. I am trying to find drivers for "ASUS Maximus VII Hero" now if I google the board with drivers it takes me to the page. But if I go to ROG...drivers takes me to the Asus motherboard page. Where is the link for drivers? If I go to
    Asus click Support that says "were here to help" under that says Drivers, manuals so forth so on. I type my mother board I get a Q and A huge page. I click drivers and its just Q and A.

    I must be missing something. I am just use to OTHER boards that have the like right there or you click support and DOWNLOADS or DRIVERS is right there.

    Now if you go to click downloads.. click "ROG main page on ASUS website" you get 404.

    Click some of the motherboards(some) and you get HELPDESK no drivers.. yet this page shows at the top "ROG DRIVERS"

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