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    How to select DDO to allows the Xonar Phoebus to deliver 5.1 on the optical cable

    Hello, on the Xonar Phoebus Manual I read this:
    Q6: Will PCM sound output through S/PDIF be just 2 channels even with different analog output channels? Answer: The S/PDIF protocol specification (IEC-60958) can only carry 2-channel PCM data or non-PCM AC3/DTS data. So, when a user selects PCM output for S/ PDIF, the Xonar Phoebus audio card will always deliver 2 channel PCM data through the S/PDIF output port. To attain the 5. channel surround sound, you can select DDO, which allows the Xonar Phoebus to deliver 5. surround sound for DVD movies, and even stereo music.

    The problem is that I can't understand how to select the DDO. May someone help me please?
    Thank you

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