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    G751JT - T7107D - Installing new SSD Help

    Hello guys!
    I am the new proud owner of a new G751JT, and I have a few questions, if somebody can help me.
    I want to instal a SSD Samsung 840 EVO on it, and don't really know how to do it.
    This is what I have learned so far from others
    - I have to take out the normal 1TB HDD, that comes with the laptop, and place the SSD in that bay, and the HDD in the empty bay
    - i have to start the laptop, and enter in bios, to activate AHCI, and also set the SSD to bot first
    - Then I just instal my Windows 8.1 and all other drivers on the SSD

    I have to mention that my laptop is Free Dos, and I don't need to copy anything from my existing HDD.

    I want to ask you, are those 3 steps good?

    Should I do anything beside those 3 steps?

    Ty for your time!!

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