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    G751 - Weird charging problem.

    Hey all,

    So i ran into a weird problem with my G751.

    At first i had an issue of it going to only 96 % (Plugged in but not charging) which i fixed by letting it discharge and charging it back up to 100%
    using a different Power profile....

    All was fine until this evening, moved my laptop back to my room but forgot to plug it in, fired up FF14 Online, played a bit and realized i forgot that my charger was not plugged in...
    After plugging it in (at 34% battery left) My front battery light started flashing orange and it said 34 % Plugged in and not charging. Just before i was about to give up after rebooting a few times and tinkering around with settings it just started charging again..
    and the light stopped flashing.

    Any idea what is causing this? Also when i plug in my adapter ever since this USB Ports drop power for a second then work fine, ie my external mouse and keyboard will drop then come to life again on every time i take my power adapter out and in?

    Is my battery dying? When it is at 100 % it holds power fine, usually 3-4 hours using desktop apps, and about an hour n half gaming...The laptop is about 2 months old. I rarely ever unplug it unless i wanna move my laptop to another room.

    Thanks for any help.

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