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    G551JW-CN080H Display Issues (tests inside!)


    I recently (today) got a new Asus laptop, model number G551JW-CN080H as written in the title. One of the big selling points of the laptop was the display, but I've not found it to be that exceptional. Is it correct that all versions of the G551JW come with a Full HD IPS screen? I've been doing some tests, which I invite you try so we can compare experience:

    Firstly, there's this test to check the colour fidelity with viewing angle: What do you see? For me it's not so bad, but I can tell the gamma levels are off because it's too green, and if I look from a steepish angle from above, the intensity of the green only increases. Does this happen with others? For me there is also a significant change in brightness when viewing from different angles (although some change is always expected of course).

    Secondly, there's some notable banding, as you might see from this test:

    Does everyone find similar results, as summarised below?
    1. Extra greenish hue from above in LCD pattern test
    2. Fair brightness reduction with angle (from what is only a moderately bright display to start)
    3. Banding?

    I'm not sure what of this is simply a feature of the hardware, and what could be amended by updating drivers etc.

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