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    Measured voltage of charger block higher than 19V

    Regardless of whether your computer randomly crashes or not (you lucky ), please help me out with this experiment!

    I'm still trying everything I can think of to correct the random shutdown problem that many people are having but so far nothing yet.

    Just as an experiment, can anyone with a multimeter test the voltage of the plug that goes from the power supply to the computer? NOT the 3 pronged cable, the round one that goes into the computer.
    The outside ring is negative, the inside socket is positive.
    I'd like to be able to record the current passing through at the time of the shutdowns but I lack the required equipment.

    My result: 19.63 Volts.

    Let me know what you guys get. Thanks
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    I'm getting 19.35 VDC, but this is a replacement brick. I, too, would like to know the current while running and also see if the voltage drops under load. If I have any luck with that, I'll let you know.

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