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    PLLv mod required..please

    I have benched extensively with my MIIF.. love it dearly. I am saving it for the right E8600 for some stellar 3D '01 action ...I fear I may have 'miffed' my MIIF.. After my last bench session with it did not go well..i started probing with my DMM to investigate.. what I found was the PLLv is stuck at 3.3v !!! No matter the -> setting/CLRCMOS/new BIOS/restart/reboot/45nm cpu/65nm cpu/Quad/Dual.. whatever..ALL equals 3.3v CPU PLLv.

    I am a capable volt modder, with experience on mobo's and GPU's alike.. surely all I need is a point in the right direction. I would like nothing more than to bench with this mobo again. I have had it at my E8400's FSB limit of 635mhz for 2D bench.. and 623mhz FSB for 3D..

    Please help,


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