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    Question Overclocking Failed ASUS RAMPAGE III Extreme

    I have the following configurion:

    Motherboard:Aus Rampage III extreme
    Processor: Intel Core i7-940
    Memory: Kingston KHX1800C9D3T1K3/6GX
    6GB (2GB 256M x 64-Bit x 3 pcs.) DDR3-1800MHz
    @ 9-9-9-27 at 1.65V
    GPU: EVGA GTX 275
    Cpu Cooler: Thermaltake frio
    PSU: Coolermaster silent Pro 80Plus Bronze 1000W

    In my motherboard i had set the AI Overclock tuner to XMP mode since i have the above ram classified as XMP memory. Currently set the cpu multiplier to 22 and bclk to 150 therefore running at 3.51 GHz. Also ran the prime95 blendtest for 8 hours and found no errors.
    Ran intel burn test at maximum and system was stable with temps 70C.

    After the above i shutdown the system, when i try to start next day i see the following error during bios post:

    "Overclocking failed". why is this happening ?
    The bios version is 1005
    Is the problem with bios or PSU or overclock settings.
    Repeated the same scenario next day and again on the coming day found the same problem.
    why the problem not appearing during restarts after overclocked settings?
    I mean to say the problem arises only when i shutdown the system for atleast 12hours.
    After 12 hours if i start the system then i recieved overclocking failed message?
    please help.

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    That is a good question?? I have that problem also. But here's a worse senario for u I benched my i7 965 to 3.91ghz and my 3 gtx 480s at 842/1150mhz and I ran vantage without a hitch. The next day would not boot kept saying bios corrupt so I had to do bios switch. Thanks to dual bios I am back up. But why bios corrupt from stable oc??????
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    I cannot come to a conclustion that why bios corrupt from stable oc why i recived overclocking failed message.
    This happens only on the next day when i power on my system.
    cant understand what is happening.
    shall i repeat and download again and flash the latest bios ?
    this problem with motherboard or PSU

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