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    Angry G20AJ: What the hell !

    Dear Gamers:

    I need some help, definetely some help !

    I have just received my new pc: G20AJ (Geforte GTX 760 2GB / I7-4790 / bios version: 0703)

    I have several problems:

    - Cpu fans are too LOUD. I can believe this problem can happen with this kind of product. I updated the bios but the problem still appear. Bizarrely, restarting 2 times the computer by pressing (without release) the on/off button make desappear the problem.
    If i disconnect the computer from power supply, the problem appear again !

    - My GeForce GTX 760 isn't recognize by the system. I don't know why...
    I'm a bit fed up with this kind of problem. Can Asus deliver something functional ?

    - in my package bundle, a cable which isn't indicate in the notice is available. Check thos pictures:
    Do i have to do something with this cable ? does it have something to do with my GeForce GTX 760 ?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Warmest regards,


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