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    G751jt ch71 starting to randomly restart when gaming or watching a movie


    I have had my G751JT CH71 for several months now and it has been running flawlessly up to about a month ago. I used this computer for studio recording (separate audio interface, all USB jacks used, and HDMI port going out to flat screen TV). I also use it for gaming. I have had great success using it for the studio recording and for gaming with Shadows of Mordor and BF4.

    First problem happened with BF4. BF4 would just stop saying either BF4 has run into an error and stopped working or NVIDIA GeForce has run into an error and stopped working. I thought it was BF4 since that multiplayer can be glitchy as hell. Then it did it with Shadow of Mordor. I went through and updated drivers, rolled back drivers, etc., and managed to get Shadow of Mordor to work just fine.

    My studio recording seems to always work pretty fine. And that uses some pretty heavy CPU programs with it. I am thinking this is some issue with the graphics card.

    What also has started to happen on occasion is the computer will just randomly restart. I read some forums and downloaded something to track my temperature and noticed no fluctuations or extreme temps present.

    The restart only happens when I am gaming or when I am watching a movie on the flat screen hooked up through the HDMI. Sometimes it will happen quickly and sometimes it won't happen for hours.

    Graphics card is GTX970M driver version 353.62. Windows 8.1. 24GB RAM.

    Any tips on what I can further troubleshoot? I have thought about just reformatting and starting clean but don't really want to do that if I don't have to.

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