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    Need help oc'ing my DDR3 ram (P67, Maximus IV Extreme b3)

    I bought some new ram sticks, replacing my old 2x8 GB sticks with 4x8GB sticks.

    Problem: I have only worked on overclocking my i7 2700k cpu earlier some time ago, and I have no idea how to overclock my ram.
    Another problem: I made a few attemps, but the machine wouldn't boot.

    So, everything is running happily at 1600MHz now, however I want to try up the frequencey on the ramsticks.

    If I simply switch from 1600 to 1866MHz in the bios, with either 1.35V or 1.5V in the XMP settings, the machine doesn't post and keep turning itself off and on. And I have to flip the power switch on the PSU off and on, to have the machine boot back into the bios (at least I get it booting again).

    With XMP set to 1.5V, I also tried setting the ram voltage to 1.5 manually, but that didn't help.

    The new ram sticks are DDR3 "Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP", 8-8-8-24 timings (1600MHz), 1.35V

    Did I perhaps miss some obvious setting for overclocking my ram frequency? If I have to tweak it somewhere, I have really no idea. I did not expect to run into any issue, going from 1600 to 1866MHz.

    Alot of the CPU settings is currently running mostly on auto, with the cpu running at 4.6GHz.

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    I managed to get started.

    I did four things, and relaxing the timings was perhaps important.

    1 set xmp to "auto"
    2 set voltage to 1.5
    3 set frequency
    4 set relaxed timings

    I have my ram now running at 2133MHz with preliminary 10-10-10-30-2T timings.

    Tested now with SuperPi and intend to have the machine run memtest over night.

    I would like to know, assuming that there isn't anything funny with the voltage (1.5V seem trivial, xmp has a 1.5V mode), is it probably safe to have ram run at 2133MHz instead of the rated 1600MHz?

    The maximum ram frequency for my board seem to be 2200MHz (OC), which would be a 37.5% increase over 1600MHz.
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    What is the primary reason for overclocking your memory?
    If it's for gaming, the increase in FPS will be minimal at best.
    Don't think running at 2133@ CL10 will yield that much more read/write speed versus 1600@ CL8.

    It's not just about memory frequency speed, low latency plays a big part as well.
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    My primary reason is overall performance increase.

    Testing with SuperPi, I can conclude that I am now have a solid 2.5% performance increase (on the new ram) after increasing the frequency by ca 33%. 3% increase if compared with my old ram.

    I wouldn't expect to see any improvement in games, but I welcome any improvement at all.

    I had an error when running memtest, for test #6, however I somehow ended up using an old version of memtest, and afterwards I read that they later fixed a software bug that gave off errors for test #6, so I am hopeful that my ram will pass the next time when I try with an updated version of memtest.
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