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    G73JH-A1 Touchpad Issues! H-E-L-P

    New member to this forum. I am one of the few who does not use this beast G73JH-A1 for gaming, but I do use it for its power. I am a Veterinary Radiologist who uses this as machine from home. Its great 1080 screen and big time power are needed to read MRIs, CTs, Digital radiographs, etc.

    Enough about that- I have been looking everywhere about how to solve these damn Touchpad issues... Wow, this is getting annoying! Most of the time, the center of touchpad doesn't work or acts up. Hard to explain exactly whats going on other than it just isn't going where I want it to. I had a Sony Vaio for over 4 years and never once had an issue like this! I have had this thing for less than a month and it is frustrating as hell! I have tried re-installing the touchpad driver. Didn't work. I tried doing the Moodpad- didn't work.

    Is anyone else having this problem? From reading around, it seems like Im not the only one who is expereincing this... How have others resolved this issue, because seriously, I can't deal with this for very much longer.

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    There are curently no real fixes. Asus is working on this problem. This might help get a wireless mouse and disable touchpad in bios. For some updating all your drivers from the asus sight helps plus the unoffical vbios and video driver and sounddriver from realtek it's the high def audio codec software link. Here is a link to a forum with walk throughs for lots of problems plus link here for vbios update have fun.

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    My touchpad used to annoy the hell out of me. Then I played around with the driver settings and got it to work much better. Double click on Synaptics Pointing Device in the taskbar. Click on the Device Settings tab, highlight the Touchpad entry, then click on Edit. Play around with all of the settings in there until you find something you like. I did a lot of tweaking and now it only annoys me sometimes... good luck!

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    I've been having similar issues with my g73jh-A3 touch pad. I've found that it works great for a while, maybe 15-20 minutes or even a few hours, and then it starts having problems. I've noticed that the touch zones shift. For instance, it develops two zones on the touch pad where it scrolls: 1 about an inch or so from the left and another in the normal area on the far right. Also, if I touch and try to move the mouse in areas near the scroll area that's 1" in from the left, sometimes it causes firefox to zoom in/out or the cursor will move awkwardly around and certainly not in the direction I want.

    I've tried changing settings through the synaptec panel, but I've had no luck in correcting the bad behavior. Hopefully ASUS gets this taken care of. Kind of weird that they can develop so advanced chip boards and equipment, but mess up touch pads which have been around forever.

    I did try to disable edgemotion but it only temporarily fixed the problem and then it came back about 10 minutes later.

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    I have created a Sticky Thread for troubleshooting the touchpad issues available here:

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    Track-pad issues here as well

    Recently my track-pad on my G73 JH has begun to have issues as well... delayed response and getting stuck in two finger scroll mode. It hasn't always done this. uninstalling and reinstalling all related drivers doesn't help.

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    ^ Welcome to the club

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