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    Crosshair V / Phenom II 1100T - temps getting out of control


    Just got myself a Crosshair V, Phenom II 1100T cooled by Thermalright SI-128 SE with fan @ 2400 rpm. Goal is to reach 4Ghz, but for starters I've set 3,6Ghz, just to have it higher than my old Phenom II 940 Deneb @ 3,5Ghz.

    I've got some issues and I'm wondering why they occur.

    To stress the CPU I'm using SP2004 x 6, 4/6 have option Blend - stress ram and cpu, 2/6 have option Large - test some ram, because I don't have enough memory for all of the SP2004 instances to run with Blend.

    Measurements taken with HWMonitor64 and Asus AI Suite II's EPU status for CPU wattage monitoring.
    I have a Kill-A-Watt (KaW) monitoring wattage of all my computers.

    OC'ed via BIOS by changing the multiplier only, from Auto to 18. Set Digi+ VRM to Regular/100%/Auto/Optimized/T.Probe - basically the defaults.

    Stock results:
    idle - 22C cores, don't remember the socket temp
    load (10min) - 48C socket, 41C cores
    idle - 580W (KaW), 35W (EPU)
    start of the testing (about 1 min after starting the test) - 660W (KaW), 76W (EPU)
    10min into testing - 662W (KaW), 76W
    20min - same as 10min, even after 20min the values at 10min hold without change.

    OC'ed at 3,6Ghz:
    idle - 37C socket, 27C cores
    load (10min [socket/cores in C]) - 55/52, (20min) - 64/66, (23min, manual stop) - 68/71
    idle - 580W (KaW), 40W (EPU)
    start - 678W (KaW), 87.91W (EPU)
    10min - 694W (KaW), 98-99.5W (EPU)
    20min - 708W (KaW), 99.99W [max that can be displayed apparently] (EPU)
    23min - 715W (KaW), 99.99W (EPU)

    Loading the CPU pretty much reaches and then holds 55 socket and 52 core temps for a few minutes. Once these temperatures are exceeded then it's a gradual rise to a point where I'm forced to stop the test. Above 20min the temps increase at an even more rapid pace. It seems like the MB is feeding the CPU more and more and more juice, but should it? Is this normal or abnormal?

    Could a 300Mhz increase lead to the observations I'm making? My HS is perfectly capable of keeping a 3,3Ghz at 48/41 for over 20minutes, but it can't keep a 3,6Ghz CPU below rated max temperatures after 20min period?

    Is the MB regulation circuitry bad? Why would MB feed more power to the CPU over time when it held very wall over couple minutes at 55/52 temps.

    The case is ventilated well. Could it be that too much AC5 was applied?

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