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    Maximus Impact VII mPCIE Combo IV WiFi Problem Windows 10

    I had a hell of a time just getting my PC to install Windows 10. I had to disable my mPCIE Combo IV WiFi in the BIOS just to do the upgrade. I've finally gotten Windows 10 to not freeze with the card enabled in the BIOS, but I still can not get the WiFi to work in Windows 10. The device shows up in device manager and says the driver is up to date, but the WiFi menu is gone in settings. When I try to delete the driver and then scan for hardware changes the wireless show up for a brief second in the taskbar, then windows freezes, every time. I have the latest driver from ASUS.I have tried the registry delete trick for VPNs, no registry key found, I had not VPNs installed before. I've tried nearly everything, I am about to just order a new USB WiFi dongle. I have reverted to 8.1 once and the WiFi worked great. Windows 10 throws a fit with it.

    Anyone else have this issue and solve it?

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