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    Can we talk Z170 and NMVE SSDs?

    Like many, I'm trying to make sense of this new wave of NVME SSDs before selecting the appropriate Asus board. As far as I understand there are two implementations of NVME, the PCIE card (Intel 750) and the M.2 (or U.2?) interface (SM 951). I can't seem to find any clear documentation on what's supported and when the hyperlink (edit: Hyper Kit) dongle is needed.

    1) Do all the ROGs support both NVME SSDs through PCIE/M.2 natively? If not how does the hyper kit fit in.
    2) Does using an NVME SSD consume a PCIE 3.0 Channel? So if I ever wanted to do Dual video cards down the road I would want to make sure I have at least 3 3.0 lanes?
    3) Any other complications/issues/questions I should research? Booting issues?

    As always, thanks!
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