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    Intel, Micron announce new 3D XPoint memory type that's 1,000 times faster than NAND

    Hot off the press from PC World authored by Gordon Mah ung

    In a separate article,

    What 3D XPoint says about the PC of the future


    Remember, 3D XPoint isn't a new NAND technology or RAM. It's something completely new. If a system has 3D XPoint as its "main memory," everything is just "open all the time." Intel and Micron execs even intimated that such a configuration, without RAM, was possible one day.

    Much of that possibility hinges on the actual performance of 3D XPoint. Intel and Micron didn't get into specifics beyond the "1,000X" faster switching speed, but they did say 3D XPoint would offer "10X" the performance of an NVMe PCIe device. You don't have to look far to find that NVMe PCIe device either: The only one I know of today is Intel's excellent 750 series SSD, which hits in excess of 2.5GB of read speed on some loads. If that is the drive both companies are using as a reference, it's pretty easy to see that they expect 3D XPoint drives/devices to reach beyond 20GBps of read and write speed.

    For reference, a typical PC with a Haswell or Broadwell CPU and dual-channel DDR3 offers around 17GB+ of memory bandwidth, while lower-end machines survive on 9GBps or less. Higher-end systems reach into the 55GBps range, while graphics card memory far outstrips those.
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